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Foods In The Kitchen That Gives You Psychic Powers

It’s easy to overlook the spiritual side of a 12-ounce coffee to go, or a fruit salad in a plastic cup. But the staples of the modern diet offer more than just sustenance. In a single day, you might encounter dozens of foods that belong to a worldwide cornucopia of …

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Sharpens Your Intuition At The Highest Peak

     Where were you on that fateful 9/11 attack? What were you doing when you first heard the news that Michael Jackson is dead? Without a doubt, you can describe the miniscule details of your day that would have been forgotten if it weren’t for the tragic events that …

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The Best Way Possible To Enhance Your Psychic Ability

             Most of the world’s greatest geniuses like Albert Einstein rely on more than their sensible minds or common sense for inspiration and guidance. We are all naturally psychic and we have hidden hunches, instincts, intuition that go beyond our control but helps us make things …

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Tips On How To Give A Good Reading

Every psychic has their own style and uses different tools to make a psychic reading good.  Along with anything else, it can be just as much down to chemistry between the person having the reading and the psychic. A few of my golden rules – a kind of psychic reading best practice.  If you …

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Astrology Reveals What Psychic Abilities You Can Have

     All of us are  born with abilities of intuition and psychic abilities. However, it can differ widely depending on each astrology sign. For some people it is just a way of life, some give it little value and others just log it under a “gut” feeling. However it plays …

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How To Battle Psychic Displacement

There’s plenty of new students asked about displacement and I want to address it because displacement can be a problem, regardless of whether you are remote viewing or doing another type of psychic work. What is “Psychic Displacement”? A few years ago, I attended a workshop led by a well-known …

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