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Honing Your Psychic Skills

        I can still remember doing art work when I was in grade school. We had those easels that had light brown tinted paper clipped to them and runny but bright Tempra paints. On a good day I could paint the outline of a house and stick …

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Power Of Crystal Ball

Scrying, or crystal-ball-gazing, as it is commonly called, is the act of steadily concentrating into a solid-lead glass or quartz-crystal sphere to bring about visions for prediction. A crystal ball acts as a point of focus for your eyes, attracting the attention of your mind. Large crystal spheres are often best, as …

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Foods In The Kitchen That Gives You Psychic Powers

It’s easy to overlook the spiritual side of a 12-ounce coffee to go, or a fruit salad in a plastic cup. But the staples of the modern diet offer more than just sustenance. In a single day, you might encounter dozens of foods that belong to a worldwide cornucopia of …

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Be A Great Psychic You Want To Be

Most of the time, it is tough to develop your psychic abilities when you don’t know where to start or what to do.  That’s why, in today’s post, I’m going to give you lots of different techniques that will get your intuitive or mediumship gifts rockin’ and rolling. To make this easy …

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Tips On How To Give A Good Reading

Every psychic has their own style and uses different tools to make a psychic reading good.  Along with anything else, it can be just as much down to chemistry between the person having the reading and the psychic. A few of my golden rules – a kind of psychic reading best practice.  If you …

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What Happens In Psychic Readings

It must be noted that what happens in psychic readings may vary.  Depending on the professional psychic, the steps mentioned in this article may vary or be entirely different.  However, if you are a client hesitating to visit us because you wonder what happens in readings, or you are a …

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