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Develop Your Clairs Ability

      Becoming a clairvoyant is a lot of fun and easier than you might think but just like with anything new, it takes some practice and patience to get the hang of it. Do you think you could get a smoking, ripped hot body overnight and without doing …

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Am I A Psychic?

Did you ever wonder what’s the difference from your own thought to a psychic information that arrives telepathically or from Spirit? Have you ask yourself if you have it in you? Do you crave to know if you’re quite special? This question put me in mind of a story of the centipede, …

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You’re A Psychic

  A lot of  psychics, mediums, and spirit guides hold a special place in the modern society. Our media is rife with hyped-up images that run the gamut from emotionally haunted “ghost whisperers” and crime-busting clairvoyant detectives to famously funny fortune tellers like Johnny Carson’s immortal Carnac the Magnificent. In reality, …

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How To Embrace Psychic Awakening

 Psychic awakening  should always be a magical time in your life. Just relax if you are feeling uncomfortable at all, relax.  The information in this article will help explain and identify what’s going on so that you can begin to enjoy the journey. What Causes an Awakening? There really isn’t …

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