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Have you ever wondered if you were psychic?

Maybe you were with family, enjoying a typical meal as you have often done before.  Suddenly you see in your mind’s eye a precious heirloom crashing to the ground. Moment’s later, the crystal vase in the center of the table tumbles off and smashing on the tile floor.

Then it occurs to you that you may be psychic.

Have you ever wondered if you were psychic?If you are, how do you know for sure?

First, you should know what psychic truly means.   Psychics do not stop in mid-sentence as visions wash over them. They do not communicate with the dead as the go about their daily business.  Real psychic ability is not obvious.

Four main types of psychic talent:

  1. Clairvoyance- visualizing images and symbols.
  2. Claircognizance- knowing something without being told.
  3. Clairaudience- a sense of psychic hearing
  4. Clairsentience-sensing things through feelings and tuning into other’s energy.

(psychic sensing – getting vibes about people, places, objects, animals – or sensing spirit)

Psychics can have any or all of these talents.  You may not know it, not only can you have these talents but so can people you encounter every week.

How do you develop your natural psychic abilities?

We all have a level of natural intuition and if you think that you are psychic, you probably are.

The first step is to learHave you ever wondered if you were psychic?n a bit more about the individual kinds of psychic ability. Information on the types of psychic talents can be found online, or you can order them from metaphysical sites.

Signs that you are psychic

  • You truly embrace your creativity. You may have a job in a creative field or spend time in a creative hobby. You truly find joy in creating things. Your ideas spring to life when you can use your creativity.
  • You had imaginary friends when you were a child.  It is likely that these friends were spirit guides, angels or relatives who have passed over.
  • You must have quiet and peace. Many people who are psychic are very sensitive to noise.  You may feel exhausted after speeding time with a large group of people, especially if you have had to be “on” the whole time.
  • You see things out of the corner of your eye. You may be experiencing the sight of shadows or sparks in your peripheral vision.  These are actually spirit lights.
  • You feel a pull towards particular places If you have passed bu a building and felt a surge of energy that gives you a strong feeling, you may be experiencing a bit of clairsentience.
  • Animals are drawn to you. You get along with animals so well its as if you can actually communicate with them.
  • You just know things about someone. You can see right through someone. It doesn’t matter what they try to hide from you. You know what they are up to.
  • You have a sense of spirit. You often feel that you are accompanied by a spirit. When you are alone, you can feel a presence.  Even though you know you aren’t alone, you are not scared.
  • You have a great sense of direction. Not only do you never get lost, you also can plan out routes as well as a cartographer.
  • When you daydream, you visualize easily When you let your mind wander, you can see things as clearly as if you were watching a TV show.

Acknowledging your own power.

Once you know that you have some psychic ability,  you should think about what to do next.  Don’t panic and don’t run through the streets proclaiming that you are  a psychic. Take some times to relax and figure out how to handle your talents.  You may need to do some research. You will probably notice that your abilities make you sensitive to particular environments.  If you are have clairsentience, you may get antsy because you are overstimulated.

Being aware of your energy’s reaction to certain environments will help you pinpoint which ability you may have. Once you have it narrowed down, you can then learn how to develop them.  At this point you may want to consult a psychic who has the talents you see in yourself.

You have a special gift. Others also have this gift.  A mentor may be able help you on your psychic journey.

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