About Us

My name is Amelia Smith, and I am a psychic. I have been doing readings for people for over a decade and am constantly learning and growing my practice as much as I can. I never thought of myself as a psychic, but as I grew up I realized that I had a talent for reading people and their energies.

Being a psychic can be difficult, especially because I do work in an industry that isn’t known for being very honest. Unfortunately, there are many frauds out there who are looking to con vulnerable people out of their money and time by taking advantage of their challenging situations. I have worked to cultivate my clients carefully, and to spread the word about legitimate psychics as much as possible.

I never thought of myself as someone who would ever be a psychic or a spiritual reader. As an adult I was often sought out for my intuition, and my gut feelings allowed me to give sound advice to the people around me who came to me with questions or challenging situations. I have always trusted my intuition, but as I used this sense more and more I began to ask myself if I could use this to help others in a bigger way.

I had to work through a lot of personal challenges to get where I am today. I’m big on successes, both large and small, but sadly not all of my clients are going to walk away from a session feeling 100% confident in my reading. Psychic readings or messages don’t always make a lot of sense in the moment, and occasionally I can be wrong about the details I’m intuiting; admitting these shortcomings has allowed me to practice being more gracious and humble with the gift I have been given.

As a psychic reader, I wanted to create a website that offered other people the opportunity to share their psychic gifts with the world. It can be difficult to set up a physical office or location as a psychic, but going online opens many doors for connecting with people and potential job opportunities.

This website is designed to give readers more information on online psychics, becoming an online psychic, and the benefits that come with this line of work. If you are a talented psychic reader, you are likely already intuiting messages for friends, family, and the people around you. If you want to move that skill to a more professional setting, this website could be just what you need!