Reading Minds and Vibrations

Reading Minds and Vibrations

A psychic is someone that doesn’t read minds like shows in the movies, but they are a person that is gifted to be able to read the energies around you and around your life. This isn’t the same as reading minds.

What Are They Thinking?

When you think of reading a mind, you might think of a psychic that has a crystal ball and is dressed all wild. A psychic is not what you see in the movies. If you go to get a psychic reading and you decide that you are going to test the psychic, chances are that you won’t get the reading that you hoped to get. A psychic will have an instant blockage from your mind and your feelings because they use the energies around you to know what is going on in your life.

Even if you come to a reading but you are secretly testing them, chances are that the psychic won’t be able to pick up your energy that is real, but they will pick up the negative energy that you are using to block them from doing what they do the best.

A psychic is not able to interpret everything that a mind is thinking because people are part of different lifestyles and different cultures and so even if the psychic is able to read your mind, this will be based on feelings.

Using Energies

A psychic can read energy, and this is when a person comes in and they are able to use their intuition and other tools to pick up on what is going on in their life. Each psychic is different, and their gifts aren’t the same. It is important that you go in a reading with an open mind and an open heart so that the psychic can look at your life through their own perspective.

You can make good choices to get a reading that is a positive thing and then you won’t be expecting the psychic to read your mind but to give you information based on what they see in the spiritual world.

Psychics pick up things from the vibration that the energy has. Everything has energy and this can be a strong vibration, or it can be a weaker vibration. This can depend on different things. Everyone has feelings and good or bad feelings have different energies.

The psychic can pick up on thoughts and if the psychic is an empath, then chances are that they will have a better chance of reading your mind than a psychic that isn’t an empath. This doesn’t mean that they are a mind reader because they still aren’t.

Final Thoughts

Getting a psychic reading should be a positive thing and as the psychic picks up your energy, be sure to not close yourself off by expecting something to happen that most likely won’t happen in your reading. Your psychic will be there to guide you along the way, but they will need to be able to clearly read your energy to give you the right kind of reading.


  1. The emphasis on energy and vibrations in psychic readings is quite fascinating. It makes sense that negative energy can block a psychic’s ability to provide an accurate reading.

  2. This article provides a practical perspective on what to expect during a psychic reading. It’s a reminder that the process is more about energy than mind reading.

    • I agree with Doobie. Understanding the role of energy can help manage expectations and contribute to a more positive and accurate reading.

  3. I appreciate the explanation about psychics reading energy rather than minds. It sheds light on why maintaining an open mind is essential for a successful reading.

  4. The article provides a clear distinction between the fictional portrayal of psychics and their actual capabilities. It’s interesting to note how energy plays a crucial role in the process.

  5. The point about different psychics having varying gifts is well taken. It underscores the importance of approaching a reading without preconceived notions.


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