Using Your Sixth Senses

Using Your Sixth Senses

Everyone has a sixth sense, and some people refer to their sixth sense as intuition. Intuition is sometimes what people refer to as a gut feeling. Intuition is meant to guide you and to help you to make good decisions. It is a way that you can be guided to a better life and to growth and it helps you to stay clear of situations that are bad for you.

Many business leaders and successful people often give their intuition credit for their success. They claim that listening to their intuition helped them to make good decisions.

The problem with intuition is that not everyone uses it and instead they choose to listen to just logic. Albert Einstein even referred to intuition as a “sacred gift” and he would use this inner guidance to trust the answers and choices that he made.

Listening to Your Gut Feeling

Listening to your intuition can help you to live a better life. You have to be open, and you have to be able to listen to what your heart is telling you. When your intuition leads you towards good things, this can bring on joy and peace but when it guides you from something bad or scary, it can make you get a sick feeling in your gut to show you what not to do.

Spirituality and meditation can help you to follow your intuition better. It can attract you to the right places and it can lead you to your heart’s desire.

It is important that people don’t let fear cause them to ignore their intuition and when you are traveling or when you are making a choice, using your logical mind is smart but adding intuition to this can lead you to a great path.

Intuition or Feelings?

People sometimes get confused as if their intuition is guiding them or if its their worry or fear that is causing them to feel a certain way. It is important that you can discern between your intuition and a feeling.

Intuition is different than your mind because your intuition is just a whisper where your mind will scream at you to make a decision. Acting on your intuition is important and ignoring it because of fear can cause you to miss out on wisdom.

Look at your life and see if your sixth sense has been sending you messages or guiding you to or from things. Your intelligence can use logic based on your past and present situations, but your intuition can even show you things about your future.


  1. The concept of intuition as a ‘whisper’ versus the mind’s ‘scream’ is quite evocative. It makes one consider how often we might be ignoring this subtle guidance in favor of louder, more rational thoughts.

    • I agree. Tuning into that whisper can be challenging in our noisy world but seems worth the effort for the potential benefits it offers.

  2. The notion that intuition can guide us towards better life choices and personal growth is quite fascinating. Incorporating both logical thinking and intuition seems like a balanced approach to making decisions.

  3. The article provides a compelling perspective on the role of intuition in decision-making. It’s interesting how many successful individuals attribute their achievements to this ‘sacred gift’ as described by Einstein.

  4. The idea that intuition can reveal insights about the future is intriguing. It suggests that our subconscious mind might be processing more information than we realize, potentially guiding us in ways we don’t fully understand.

  5. I appreciate the distinction made between intuition and emotions such as fear. It’s essential to be able to discern these to make informed decisions. The role of meditation in honing intuition is particularly noteworthy.


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