5 Ways You Can be a Healthy Psychic

5 Ways You Can be a Healthy Psychic

Working as an energy worker requires a person to take extra care to maintain optimal health.  You will not be able to empower others to live a healthier existence if you aren’t able to maintain personal well-being.  We have created a list of five steps you can take today, to promote a more balance lifestyle for yourself.

  1. Motion is lotion

A day filled with clients means a day mostly spent sitting.  Being stationary in a chair for many hours means your body will stiffen and your energy flow much become lethargic.  Create time in you day for movement.  Schedule walks between seeing clients to help cleanse yourself after a session.  At the end of you day consider going to the gym, and even better, taking part in a yoga class.  Exercise is essential for proper weight maintenance, and balancing both your mood and spiritual energy.  Make regular movement a cornerstone of your day and commit to treating exercise as a central part of your self-care routine.

  1. Find a routine

Consistency is critical towards wellness.  Our days get busy fast, but when we establish a routine, we are more likely to continue to adhere to this pattern.  Begin by just giving yourself an hour twice a week, or 30 minutes four times a week, to just be with yourself free of distractions.  You will quickly notice a huge improvement from this self-care time.  The key is not just to try this out for a week or two, but to be consistent so your body can reap the maximum benefit.

  1. Cut back on chocolate

Chocolate is a delicious treat, but look beyond the sugar to understand what your body is craving from this indulgence.  When you identify the true deficiency, you can solve the problem, rather than feed an urge.  Chances are your desire for chocolate is actually your body seeking out magnesium.  This essential mineral for your body can instead be found in nuts, seeds or leafy green vegetables.

A need for chocolate can also signal some fluctuations with your blood.  Readings can be draining both emotionally and physically.  To connect to the spirit world you must raise your vibrations, which quickly plummet after your client leaves.  Consider how your psychic vibrations corollate with your energy levels.  You might be reaching out for that chocolate bar because of a dip in your blood sugar levels.  You also might be seeking the caffeine that is found in chocolate to likewise raise your energy levels.  Or perhaps you are becoming emotionally overtaxed from too many clients and are using chocolate as a means to increase your brain’s serotonin levels.  Serotonin is a feel-good drug that boosts people’s emotions, and mental state.  Consider how your empathic tendencies might have a negative ripple effect on your waistline.  To protect yourself from depressed or lower vibration clients, work on strengthening your self-protection skills.  As you understand the actually needs of your body you will begin to resist impulses and enact longer lasting solutions for your wellness.

  1. Cut back on alcohol

One of the biggest offended or “empty” calories is alcohol.  In fact, alcohol consumption can actually increase your desire to eat more than you should.  Both aspects result in your body taking in more calories than it needs.  Consider that when you have a drink with your meal, your body can actually be blocked from absorbing the optimal amount of nutrients from the food.

Alcohol lowers energy vibrations.  This make sense when you consider how psychic spend the bulk of their day seeking to amplify their vibrations to connect with both client and the spirit world.  Be mindful to enjoy alcohol only in moderation.

  1. Catch some “Z’s”

People who are sensitive to energy, sounds, lights, spirits can have issues either falling or staying asleep.  A recent medical study reported people who achieved better rest enjoyed a 5% higher rate of burning calories than someone who was sleep deprived.  They also discovered people who went to bed early burned 20% more calories following a meal than a night owl!

Create better sleep habits by beginning to prepare for bed a bit earlier than normal.  This will help you gain extra to time be asleep.  Leave your technology away from your bedroom so you can reconnect with yourself without distraction.  Enjoy a warm bath or shower.  Research shows raising body temperature prior to bed can encourage sleep.  Try to use a moisturizer afterwards infused with magnesium oil to protect against chronic fatigue.  Finally spray your linens with a soothing essential oil like lavender or chamomile help lull yourself into peaceful repose.