Are You Psychic?

Are You Psychic?

Do you believe that you are a psychic?  The truth is that everyone has some type of psychic abilities.  There is a line between intuition and empathy for being a real psychic.  Knowing your experiences and your psychic abilities can be challenging but there are some ways that you can know if you have a psychic awakening.

It is important to know that when you experience certain things that it doesn’t mean you are a psychic, necessarily, but you will need to develop your gifts to become a psychic.

Being Connected

One of the biggest signs of being a psychic is that you are able to attract and connect to other people.  Sometimes you will be able to have people come to you for advice and insight and you might even be able to give them opinions and thoughts.  If you notice they take to heart everything you say, this is a type of connectedness that you have with them.

Sometimes psychics are able to connect with animals because animals can be spirit guides.  These are ways that you communicate emotionally and not verbally, and it is a natural gift.

Déjà vu

Sometimes you might feel that you have been some place and that you know something in some small way like a gut feeling.  You might have an experience and are sure that you have done it before and even though it could be a coincidence, you need to make sure that you do not rule out your gifts and psychic abilities.


Not all psychics dream, but some have symbolic dreams and get messages through dreams for themselves and for other people.  Dreams help us to understand that they can be real, or they can be form another time.  When you dream about someone else, this can be symbolic.  Sometimes, you might dream about yourself doing something or something unfamiliar.  This can mean that you have psychic abilities.


Everyone is born with some type of psychic gift such as intuition.  The more you use it, the better your gifts will be.  Notice your gifts and try to understand them and see if you are really a psychic.