Being a Psychic

Being a Psychic

If you want to be a psychic, the first thing that you need to do is learn to recognize your intuitive abilities.  You have these gifts inside of you and once you realize that you are blessed with these gifts then you can learn to strengthen them and increase them.

There are generally four ways that you can get information, and these are called the clairs.  These include clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognizance.  These all mean seeing, hearing, feeling and knowing beyond your natural five senses.

You might have all the clair gifts or you might be stronger in one or two of them.  The feeling and sensing or the clairsentience might be stronger than your clairaudience which means hearing in the spirit world.

Take time to figure out what gifts you have and to figure out the senses that you use.  Learning how to be a psychic is easier if you increase these gifts and it will become natural to you.

Here’s What to Do

Take time to look at the four different psychic traits and figure out which one you fit into.  Do you feel that there is one thing that you are better at than another?  This can be a sign that you are gifted in that area.

Once you realize what gift that you have, start practicing strengthening your abilities.


Someone that is clear seeing has the gift of clairvoyance.  People that are clairvoyant will get information usually from pictures or from visions or symbols.  They will be able to use their mind to understand what these things mean.

People that are clairvoyant usually are sight oriented and they learn by seeing things.  They are normally very creative.  Here are some signs you might be clairvoyant:

  • You see twinkling lights in your eyes.
  • You have strong dreams.
  • You daydream a lot
  • You like drawing
  • You are very artistic
  • You visualize things well
  • You have seen things in the spirit world
  • You have had visions


A person that can hear things in their mind are considered to have the gift of clairaudience.  This means that when you hear little voices or things from the spirit world that you know you heard them.  This can be things you hear inside or you might even hear them with your physical ears.  Here are some ways you can tell if you are clairaudient:

  • You are overly sensitive to noises
  • You love music.
  • You like to write and make your own music.
  • You hear ringing in your ears.
  • You hear voices when no one is there.
  • You listen to books rather than reading them.


If you have the gift of feeling things or having strong gut feelings, you might be clairsentient.  This means that you can feel the emotions of others and you can have strong feelings.

You might be clairsentient if:

  • You have strong emotions.
  • You don’t watch the news because it upsets you too much.
  • You have negative mood swings.
  • You cannot deal with clutter.
  • You get bad feelings about certain people.
  • You get good or bad feelings depending on the situation.


When you feel that you know something, but no one has given you any information, chances are that you are claircognizant.  This means clear knowing.

You might know something but not have a logical reason to explain why.  You might be claircognizant if:

  • You have ideas that just come to your mind.
  • You know when someone is being untruthful to you.
  • You knew how a situation will end.
  • You are very analytical


Once you realize what kind of information you have inside of you, the next step is to develop your psychic gifts.  The best way to do this is to start meditating daily.  There are other ways to develop your gifts but this is a great start for anyone!


  1. The emphasis on meditation as a starting point for developing psychic abilities is noteworthy. Meditation can indeed help in enhancing one’s focus and awareness, which are essential for honing any intuitive skills.

  2. This article provides a concise overview of the various types of psychic abilities, known as the ‘clairs.’ It’s helpful to understand which intuitions one might possess in order to better focus on developing those skills.

  3. I appreciate the specific signs listed for each psychic trait. These indicators can be valuable for individuals seeking to understand their intuitive capabilities. Further guidance on development would be beneficial, though.

  4. The distinctions made between clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance are well-explained. It would be interesting to explore more about how to practice and strengthen these abilities.

  5. Recognizing your psychic gifts is indeed crucial for any personal growth in this area. The article’s approach in breaking down the ‘clairs’ is quite structured and logical, which makes it easier to identify one’s strongest abilities.


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