A Day in the Life of a Gifted Psychic


download (6)“Having my psychic abilities working for me in my life is important to me. Being psychic has helped me to heal myself, spirit and body. I’m grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to learn about my abilities and to turn them on safely so that I can use them.”

Some psychics will describe their powers as “a gift,” while others shrug off their abilities just as casually as anyone might disregard a small mole on his or her neck. Plenty of those with this ability are proud of it and might seem arrogant, but as many or more might not even mention it until directly asked. A typical day in the life of a psychic is shockingly ordinary, with a few small epiphanies mixed in along the way. While there is no set waking time for psychics, a connection with food seems to be a constant in most of them. When one lets the body rule the mind in order to tune in to what is about to take place, fueling that body becomes a priority.

When fed and prepared, the first few hours of a psychic’s day are unusually active and productive. Many psychics keep a dream journal and reviewing what might have been written down last night during a break in sleep is a common activity. Many psychics edit or type-in their dream journal entries. This process actually helps them retain deeper memories of what was experienced in the dream and heightens details. Dreams are important to a psychic as they can be compared to a bulk delivery of visions for the near-term. Alternative activities to journaling that are popular with seers include meditation, painting and other creative pursuits.

calling-lady-secretary-17297455Clients may begin to call or arrive after this consciousness-acquaintance period. On a day off, psychics enjoy life as any normal person would. They buy lottery tickets and lose just like everyone. It is almost impossible to separate hope from psychic visions and therefore your psychic has the same 13 million to one chance of picking the winning lottery numbers as you do.

Does it sound pretty boring? The occasional bursts of insight come in casual, non-descript settings. A visit to the city center might bring a vision of some future event, some interaction that a client will be having – a ringing bell off in the distance might open a psychic channel to understanding the connections a friend must make to meet a soul mate. It is unpredictable during the mundane activities of the day, but the clarity can often be startling. A veteran psychic knows to just roll with these visions, as they tend to come about in a conversation with a client or other contact within a day or two.

Like a lot of people, many psychics have a different day job. Your co-worker might have visions of your dating life that are clearer than your own awareness of where a possible fling is going. Getting through the busywork and the meetings is the norm for everyone, no matter how clear visions of the future are in their heads. If a psychic is working with their gift, staying sharp in between clients is eased in a comfortable space.

Many psychics enjoy small meals in between sessions while working with clients. Of course there are always chores to do and errands to run. Psychics cannot wish away their dirty laundry or make the post office come to them at will. Often the preoccupation with psychic phenomena will make a clairvoyant behave in the most absent-minded of manners. What appears to be an air-headed out of touch manner with ordinary life is actually the spirit of a psychic existing on two planes – our material plane and the ether of the astral plane.

As the day winds down – and for many psychics the “day” lasts long into the night, but for quite a few it follows the ordinary rhythm of any working person’s rise and set – a psychic might take a break to watch television or surf the internet for entertainment. There seems to be a restful, distracted lull before an outburst of psychic intake at the time of their most casual unwinding. Many psychics keep a journal handy for this part of the evening.

images (26)Believe it or not, psychics date! They get nervous preparing for that first or second outing and come back home with the same excitement and/or disappointment as anyone else. They notice how their date behaves in a restaurant and yes – often struggle to imagine just what he or she is thinking about things. Once again, hope clouds their vision; worry blurs their ability to see when it concerns themselves. In fact, many a psychic makes sure to make an appointment with his or her own psychic before retiring to bed.


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