Discovering Your Starseed Type

Discovering Your Starseed Type

If you are someone that feels like you don’t belong in the world around you, you might be a Starseed. A Starseed is a human but is someone that is very spiritual, and they even are from other dimensions and other galaxies beyond the earth.

Humans have found that there are galaxies and other places beyond the earth, and this is part of the understanding of science. Even moons and Mars have been studied and even walked on by people. There are so many people on the earth that love the idea of exploring space and even generations that are older have been interested in looking into what they can figure out about other planets and celestial bodies.

Humans love the idea of other dimensions, planets, spaces, people, aliens, and other things. People aren’t’ just attracted to space but they are attracted to understanding the world around them.

Understanding Starseeds

Starseeds are people that are spiritual, and they have been enlightened and often are very advanced compared to other humans. They take human forms, but they don’t feel like they are completely human, or they feel that they are from another dimension.

Starseeds are people that have lived in other galaxies and so they are more advanced in their spiritual self, and this makes them have different intentions and different purposes. These are people that are on a mission, but their real mission is to bring peace and love to the world around them. There are some Starseeds of course that are from darker dimensions, and they are greedy and selfish.

You might not know that you are a Starseed at first and sometimes if you are someone that is depressed or sad a lot, it can mean that you are a Starseed and that you don’t feel like you can fit in. Here is a guide to help you understand the Starseed that you’re part of:

Kinds of Starseeds

Knowing what culture, you are from can help you to understand your life mission. There are many different kinds of Starseeds that live amongst humans and even though they are from a different realm, it doesn’t mean that they will have the same traits.


Pleiades are also known as Messier 45, Seven Sisters or Eye of the Bull. They have different kinds of features such as:

  • Slim.
  • Having long limbs.
  • Blond hair.
  • Blue Eyes.
  • Tall.

These are people that are from the star clusters of Pleiades, and they believe in a society where they have a family, relationships, and children. They have feminine energies, and they are powerful. They are from the fifth dimension, and they are keepers of the Akashic Records.

This group wants to help the humans evolve and they have strong intuition, and they are humanitarian in nature and are nurturing to others.


These are people from Sirius planet A and B. They are located in Vega which is found in the Lyra constellation. They often look like lions, and they have a mission to try to save the world. These are people that are very grounded, and they usually have been through their spiritual awakening.

These are people that are logical, and they are creative, and they are great at communicating with other humans. They love water and they are part of the Mer people and Miengu. They love animals like dogs, and they love to connect with nature.

Some of these Starseeds are Ascended master’s and they are strong humans.


These are Starseeds from Arbutus in the Bootes constellation. They are people that have low blood pressure and low body temperatures and are darker in complexion. They are healers and want to see people grounded.

Other traits of the Arcturian include:

  • Being withdrawn.
  • Stoic.
  • Highly driven.
  • Believe in reincarnation.
  • Strong in their emotions.
  • Strong in their mental health.
  • Known to be healers or shamans.

Arcturus is part of the bright red star, and they are from a cavillation that is more advanced and from the fifth dimension. They are great leaders and make great public speakers. Sometimes though people think they are arrogant because of the jobs that they have.

Most of this Starseed loves geometry, mathematics, and technology because they want to understand things and have more knowledge.


This group is from Andromeda which is also known as M31 and MS31. They are normally thin and have oval faces. They want to bring love to the people that are enslaved by the Reptilians. These people are very balanced, and they are known because they use their left and right side of their brains. They are very smart and have strong intuition.

This group has a lot of spiritual gifts, and they are telepathic, and they want to bring people to freedom in their spiritual thoughts. They are sometimes considered warriors because they stop the Reptilian Starseeds from bringing negativity to humans.


This group is from the Orion constellation, and they are people that are green or blue eyed and they are normally Capricorn, Virgo or Taurus signs. Their mission is to have trust and faith for humans.

These are people that lived in a place that was once covered in water and because of this they sometimes have a hard time with their phyiscal form. They are aware of the mind and body that they have, and they are full of scientific facts and knowledge. They love to learn, and they love science and nature.

The real mission of this Starseed group is to find balance in their emotions and to teach humans to get rid of energy blockages that they have. Orion’s need to practice having expressions because they have a hard time understand emotions.

Some Orion’s are Reptilian agents that want to control people on the earth.


This Starseed group is from the Lyra constellation. They often look like cats, and they have a mission to inspire others and to bring grace to the world. These are people that are very psychic, and they are humanitarians that have been around since ancient times.

Some Egyptian artwork shows these kinds of Starseeds. This group focuses on their spiritual abilities, and they are able to understand their physical self even more. They are from a higher dimension, and they manifest abundance and light.


Lyrans are from the Lyra constellation, and they are catlike looking people that have eyes that are almond shaped. They are normally signs of Aries, Leo or Sagittarius and they have a mission to lead people and to teach them about energies.

This group is highly connected to humans, and they are the oldest souls that are in the galaxy. They are strong and they are independent. They are connected to their bodies. They are also masculine, and they are good at taking care of their bodies with exercise.

They are good with sexual energy and food. They like taking risks so that they can see new things and new places and they want to guide humans.


These Starseeds are from Maldek which is an extinct planet. They are hard to know because they don’t have distinct characteristics, but their mission is to help to protect people from destruction that comes from technology.

The Maldek survived their planet being destroyed because of greed and they helped to develop technology so that life could be easier for them. They sometimes get lazy and sick because they lose sight of their spiritual self.

After their planet was destroyed, some of them found a place on earth to live. They try to show people how to communicate better and to understand technology and politics better.

Lemurians and Atlanteans

These are people that are from lands that are taken over by the oceans of the earth. They are usually tall and look like animals. They help teach people knowledge and want to keep the planet from being destroyed.

The Lemurians and Atlanteans are advanced in their spiritual, medical, and philosophical technologies. They are advanced and they are the first people that can communicate and travel to other planets. Many of them were destroyed through disease and war because of their successes.

They survived the destruction of their planet, and they try to show people how technologies can teach them ethics and how to spread their intuition.


This Starseed is from a place that is full of energy and phyiscal detachment. They look like birds, and they have a mission to guide people to be more spiritual in their life. These Starseeds are energetic, and they are very spiritual.

They love to teach people truths and metaphysics. They want people to understand that they are free but that they are bound by technology and that they are able to be stronger and to make the world around them better if they weren’t so bound.

Avians are positive and they have so much faith in people that they help them reach their enlightenment.


These Starseeds are part of the fourth dimension and the Planet Venus. They are very handsome and attractive and tall. They have a mission to help bring love and compassion to the world around them.

Venusians are sensual and they have strong feminine energies. Even Hathor’s the cow-goddess of love and motherhood comes from this planet as well. When they came into human form, they were known as being flighty in heir spiritual self. They have to often reground themselves so that they can work on the earth.

This group loves to learn about ancient cavillations on earth and in outer space. They love metaphysical ideas and new age and want to connect with the future and divine spirituality.


Martians are from the planet Mars. They have no special features, but they have a mission to connect with the humans that are advanced. They are mysterious and are popular because of their civilization in Mars.

They want to see the human race grow and advance and they are connected to both water and fire that might help them restore Mars someday. This group might have dreams or memories of the Red Planet.


The Polarian are from the North Star, and they are often tall and distinguished. They have a mission to study humans and the different dimensions. They are the first spiritual beings that took forms as humans.

This Starseed is energetic, and they are able to connect to the earth because of their frequencies. They are able to align with the earth and they understand natural disasters and feel that they have roots to the earth.

It is hard for this Starseed to know their life purpose and so they are always trying to learn about the world around them. They have strong spiritual gifts, and they love to meditate and are highly empathic because they want to see balance.


This Starseed is from the Beta Centauri. They are shy people that are often introverts, but they are diverse. They have a mission to bring unconditional love to the world. Many of these Starseeds have had trauma from their other planet and they left Hadarian to earth so that they would no longer be in slavery.

They enjoy relationships and love, and they are often considered hippies and they want to spread love. They are strong and have a lot of love and empathy. They don’t try to gain material things, but they are often drawn in by manipulative people.


The Draconian are from dragon or Draco constellation. They look like lizards and have low body temperatures. They have a mission to bring people to a common goals. They are complex and are known to have good and evil intentions.

These people love math, technology and science but are sometimes driven by evil things. They love money and are selfish, manipulative and hate authority. When they are working for the good, they will help unite people and help them to reach their goals.


This group of people look like lizards, and they have a mission to make humans stay in the dark and miss their spiritual enlightenment. They don’t normally have positive missions and they are shape shifters that confuse and trick people. They have a goal to control humans so they can manipulate them. They don’t care about people just the civilization.

Most other Starseeds fight against this group because they are selfish.


Agarthans are from Agarthan which is a hollow civilization. They are thin and tall and often look like elves. They have a mission to protect the world. These are people that come from earth and live in a faery realm and aren’t from a different galaxy.

They have soul connections to the earth, and they understand the pains of the earth. They sometimes have memories of Atlantis and when they drown from there.

These beings are driven to protect the world around them. They will dream of the earth and the deep layers of it.

Rainbow, Crystal, and Indigo Children

This group of Starseeds are from the spiritual realm of earth. They are a diverse group, and they are selfless in how they treat people and the world. They are spiritual and they are trying to ascend. They are full of psychic gifts such as clairvoyance, telepathy, and other gifts. They are full of energy, and they want to help others.

These people have help from spiritual guides, angels and other beings that want to have peace and justice. They don’t stand for anything evil, and they want to see joy, peace, harmony, balance and more.

Rainbows are the youngest of the Starseeds and they are healers and understand who they are in the spiritual world. They are often detached. They want to be spiritual and don’t want to be connected to the world around them.


Lightworkers are from different places and different planets. They are a diverse group of people, and they want to bring light to the world. They are unique and they don’t have a specific culture or society that they are from, but they just want to evolve spiritually.

They have a mission to bring light to the world and to make the world a good and happy place to live. They aren’t judgmental and they and to see people have a higher consciousness.

Final Thoughts

Do you wonder if you are a Starseed and where you are from? Look at the article above and see which features and traits that you have. There are many types of Starseeds and if you feel that you don’t fit into the world around you, chances are that you might be a Starseed. Find your mission and get your energies strong.