Disregarding Your Own Psychic Abilities?


Each of us is experiencing some type of familiarity with our capacity to see more than what is straightforwardly before our face. We do it consistently during the time spent dealing with our vocations and family-life. Is it conceivable that this mindfulness is some type of psychic abilities that we all have? I believe it is and that we are all psychic to some degree.

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Chances are you are reading this article because you experience some type of psychic awareness that created curiosity and a desire to learn more about the nature of being psychic. You may not call what you are experiencing “being psychic” just yet, but I believe you will at least walk away after reading this book with a healthy curiosity. One that I hope will guide you to seek out more answers. Regardless of where you are on the spectrum of believing in an afterlife, entertaining the prospect of connecting to the vibrational energies around you and of the spirit world will open doors to new possibilities.

My entry into the whole “psychic thing” came from a desire to find something new and meaningful in my life, and to connect with “Something” deeper. At the time I found myself sitting in the office of a psychic medium, my job was creating stress and so were all my personal relationships. Something about everything I was doing felt “off”. But why was I feeling this way? I was a successful manager in the area of Information Technology. I made really good money. I owned a beautiful four bedroom home in the country, and had plenty of friends and family to spend time with when I wasn’t at work. So why did I go see a psychic medium? I believe now that subconsciously I knew it was time for a new perspective since none of the things in my life were bringing me happiness. In the true form of the Universe seeking to answer my desire for happiness, I wound up meeting people who could offer a rather odd, challenging and ultimately life-changing perspective.

I remember the day I sat down with a psychic medium for the first time. I was nervous because I had no idea what to expect or even why I was there. Seriously! I did not know why I was there even though I was the one who made the choice to be there. Talking with a stranger about my personal life for advice was not my idea of a smart decision, especially sitting down with someone who talks with the departed and others “not of this world” for guidance. What on earth was I thinking? Psychics after all were only for entertainment, right? I was desperately hoping for a way out of how I was feeling and was looking for someone to wave a magic wand to provide some sort of miracle cure for all the turmoil I felt within. This visit was a last ditch effort for ending the old patterns by finding that unique part of me.

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What I remember most about the day I went to see a psychic is her drawing on a little piece of paper a meditation technique for connecting with MY spirit guides. She also suggested I read Pete A Sanders’ book You Are Psychic. The best way to describe what I was feeling at that moment is to compare it to how someone might feel after receiving a medical diagnosis of a disease they had never heard of, but were given strong hope of a cure. The irony of that statement is unbelievable when you look at the feeling of being “off” or being “disconnected” from Spirit as the disease and the cure as learning how to get in touch with your Divine Self, but you don’t know you have a Divine Self yet. I was in a fog with why anyone would recommend these things to me and invite me to learn more. She was so gentle and unconditional in her approach that I felt empowered by our visit.

This visit ended up becoming a milestone in my spiritual journey because I took the necessary steps to investigate the possibility of something else being out there. I thought that if as she said there were Angels, Master Guides, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, Saints, Archangels and my departed relatives on the other side then I wanted to understand because I sure wasn’t getting adequate answers by any other means. It turns out though, Divine Source, in its many forms was helping me all along, but I was unintentionally ignoring the signs.

Ignore Psychic Ability 2Signs of guidance come to us all the time. Until there is awareness that psychic resources exist and are working with us everyday, these events seem “individual” and random. Our life is anything but random. In hindsight, my visit to see a psychic medium was Divine Source responding to my powerful desire from long ago to help others, and to open my soul’s understanding of Creation. The Universe was answering my call.

I know there are other people in this world like I was just a few years ago who still ignore, fear, misunderstand or are just unaware of the existence of their own ability to talk with Divine Source. Something significant enough happened with me during my first reading with a psychic medium that I had to look further. I am happy I did. Learning about being psychic and becoming more accepting of being psychic has completely changed my life. My goal in writing this book is to share with you the tools I used to open My Soul’s Closet. It is not the only path, but it is one that worked very well for me.

My hope with this article is to help others decide to look at the connections that exist between us all, and how the connections with the unseen is not only possible but happens every day.

As I went through my experiences I recognized them as tools that led me through my spiritual and psychic development. For me one journey fostered the other.


  1. The author presents an interesting perspective on psychic abilities, suggesting that many experiences we consider ‘normal’ may actually involve some form of latent psychic awareness. This line of thinking could be quite stimulating for those exploring spirituality.

  2. It’s fascinating how the author describes their initial skepticism and eventual acceptance of psychic elements in their life. The detailed personal experience shared here provides a nuanced view that might appeal to both believers and those on the fence about psychic phenomena.

  3. The author’s account of visiting a psychic medium and the subsequent transformation is compelling. It raises thought-provoking questions about the nature of intuition and our deeper connections to the world around us. This could be a valuable read for those intrigued by metaphysical concepts.

  4. The journey described in the article indicates that seeking alternative perspectives during challenging times can lead to profound personal growth. While I remain skeptical about psychic phenomena, the narrative effectively underscores the importance of exploring new avenues for self-discovery.

  5. The article touches on the idea that what we perceive as ‘psychic’ might just be an enhanced form of awareness. This perspective could encourage readers to be more mindful of the subtle cues in their lives and perhaps explore spirituality from a different angle.


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