Doing Magic without Purchasing Tools

Doing Magic

There are so many ways that witches practice and sometimes they want to use tools to make their magic work differently. Sometimes there are spells that need a certain tool, and they might be hard to get. When things are wrong in the world, such as the pandemic, it can be even harder to get tools that you want. When people are not leaving their homes or stores are getting shut down, these changes can make it harder to get what you need, and this can cause problems for witches that love using tools.

If you are not able to get the tools that you need or to find the supplies, this is not a time to stop being a witch. Do not sit around hoping things will go back to normal, because they might not ever, but instead find ways that you can do your magic with other supplies and with other things.

No matter if you have magic without tools, there are ways that you can learn to be less dependent on tools that you don’t have in your hands. There are ways that you can change your magic around and adjust it so that you can do your magic without having to go buy supplies in stores. This can make you less dependent on tools and more dependent on your own internal magic.

You Don’t Need Tools

Magic should never be dependent on things outside of what you have. There are all kinds of different magic, and it was developed to give you power over life. When you cannot get your tools, you should never feel that this makes you have no power. Witchcraft was made out of having what you needed at the time and not being enslaved to different tools. It has never been based on people that were rich and could get what they wanted, but in history, most witches had nothing.

In history, witches would go with whatever they had in front of them and do their magic with those things. It has only changed recently that witches think that they have to use different things to make their magic work. Witches that would do magic would often grow their own plants and would use spirits that were close to them to make their magic work. They would use the supplies that were at hand and get the magic solution that they needed.

You should never let not getting a tool stop you from doing your magic. You can do magic even if you don’t have that specific herb or that specific tool. There are ways that you can use your magic without these things. As a matter of fact, companies have learned to take advantage of newer witches by offering tools at expensive prices just to get their money. They have written spells that use expensive ingredients and they have exploited them.

This causes there to be so much misinformation out there about how magic will or will not work because they have to have certain ingredients to make it stick. This is not true and new witches need to use their own personalized things to make their crafting work. There are ways that you can use your environment and make magic without having to spend money to outside suppliers.

You need to do witchcraft by learning to change up things. This can take more work but as you learn things about your spells, you can see that you can learn to do things differently. You should not have to stick to one kind of plant or use native plants when you live in the opposite region to make a spell work. Magic is done with things around you, and you should have the flexibility to use the things that you can get your hands on instead of having to order from halfway across the world to make your spell work.

Work with Your Own Supplies

You have to realize that you do not have to have tools in order to do magic. There are different kinds of magic that are out there that can be done with intentions and with no ingredients at all. If you feel that you have to have these tools, then you lose your power.

Being a witch means that you work with what you have, and your ancestors did this because most of them were poor, slaves or they were not able to go out into society and get things. This never stopped them from doing their practice.

All through history witches would use whatever they had in front of them to do their magic.  They would see that there were magic things all around them and they would use this to do what they needed to do. They would go out into their yards and find plants that were local and use tools that they already had and speak to the spirits to help them. They realized that they didn’t have to have fancy things to create magic, like people think today.

You have to look at the world around you and see if you need to really buy the supplies that people tell you to buy to make your magic strong. Do you really need those tools or those supplies? Do you have to have that exact crystal to make your magic work? Sometimes people are just marketing things in order to make money and it will not even help you. It doesn’t mean that having supplies is a bad thing but when you have to have them to make any magic then this is a problem.

Some people think that they have to have certain things to make their magic work, and this is where the misinformation has come from. You do not have to have a long list of ingredients and tools to make your magic work. You need to look at what you have and what kind of magic that you want to do and have power in yourself and not in the things you have.

It is easy to work with magic when you have a bunch of tools but once you learn to use spells that do not require all these ingredients then you will see that you can have more power in your magic.

Never believe that just because you are in a modern age of witchcraft that you have to follow certain rules. There are magical tools that you can use outside of your home or in your cabinet.

Everyone has plants that grow around them and the best thing that you can do is to go out and learn all about the plants around your home or go for walks and find out more about the plants in your area so that you can use them with your magic.

Plants like dandelions and other wild plants or weeds can be great to use when you are doing magic. Some people will get the idea that they have to have something special to do their magic and this is not true at all. Everywhere you go there will be ingredients that you can use, and these do not have to be man made things. There are things in the environment that can be used. There are spirits that you can talk to that live in the forest or that are found in the fields. You can be an expert in your magic if you use things out of your environment to make things work.

The key is to use what you have in front of you. If you have weeds that you have growing on your road, go and pull them and make sure that you find magic that uses these things. If you live in the middle of nowhere, find plants in your area that can be used. Communicate with your spirits and with your plants and find out what you can do with them.

If you are not used to using plants, find out information on this. Find resources that can teach you about plants and how you can use them with your magic. This can help your magic to be amazing.

Tools You Already Probably Have

Once you know what you have around you, now is the time to find out what kind of tools you have that you can use without ever having to go buy anything.


One kind of magic, herbal magic, is one thing that is seen differently depending on where you live. There are different kinds of plants that grow in certain places, and you need to know what plants grow where you live. There is a diverse biome wherever you are.

The best way for you to know plants and to get used to what they are and what they do is to go out and look at the plants. Study them by seeing them. Go for walks and see what kind of plants are growing around your home and in your neighborhood. What plants are growing in your yard? Do you see trees? What kind are they? If you don’t know how to identify plants and trees, find an app online that can help you to do that.

You can get started knowing the plants in our area so that you can use them if you need them for your spells or your magic.

Once you know the plants, really get to know them. Find out what they have to offer and talk to them. Give them water and give them fertilizer or honey so that they can get insects to come to them. Do whatever will help the plant and then learn more about it. Know what it can be used for such as medicines or other things. As you get more information about the plants around you, let the plants get to know you as well. Talk to them each day and find out their personality. The plant can really help you with your magic and you only need to put in effort to get to know them.

Plants are more than just dried herbs and they are there to help you in many ways. Plants can make wands and they can help you to live better. They can be harvested, and they can be used as food or medicine. Make sure that you look at each plant and that you are learning whatever you can about them.

Looking Around Your Home

Another way to find things that you can use with your magic is to go looking around your home. This is called home thrifting, and this is when you go look in junk drawers, attics, basements, and other places to see what kinds of things that you can find to use with your magic.

Maybe you find cards, bags to make spell bags, fabric, yarn, books that you can use with bibliomancy, notebooks to journal in, pictures, heirlooms or more. Even things such as magnets or needles can be used in crafting times.

Find ways to be creative and see if there are other things that you can use. Even in hoodoo magic, they would use things such as ammonia and bluing powder to make their magic stronger. Do not just look in the same places you always look but dig deeper.

Pens and Paper

You can do so much magic with a pen and paper. You can write down spells, do sigil work, journal, and find out how you can create your own magic.

Some will make petition slips that can work with spirits. This kind of spell can work by lighting a candle and putting the paper under it. It is that simple.

You can even practice writing things that are in long-form or doing automatic writing. Start writing and see what happens. You might see that you start writing and before you know it, you have a bunch of pages written without effort. You should keep writing until you have nothing else to say and then you will see how powerful you are and how strong your spells can be.


Just because you are living in a time where stores might be closed down, it doesn’t mean that you are not able to go outside and find more things for your magic. When you need something for a spell that you cannot get, find people that live close to you and see if they have things you might need. Find your witch friends and see if they are willing to trade for other things that you might have. If you are still not going around people because of social distancing, you can figure out a way to drop things off at the door and do the same with picking up. Remember, whatever you borrow, return it in the same way.

If you are creative, you will be able to do great magic without being worried about having to buy a bunch of supplies. You can use the things in your home, your environment, your community, and other places to get what you need. You have the power to do your witchcraft and the power is all yours. You do not need someone to tell you that you are good for you to be a good witch. You can do effective witchcraft with or without tools.


  1. Relying on local and easily accessible materials for magic makes sense, particularly given the current global circumstances.

    • Indeed, it also highlights a sustainable approach to witchcraft, which is more in tune with nature and less driven by commercialization.

  2. Adapting to the resources available in one’s environment is a practical and sensible approach, and it brings a more personalized dimension to witchcraft.

  3. The piece rightly points out the pitfalls of commercializing spiritual practices. New practitioners should be wary of expensive tools that aren’t necessarily required for effective magic.

  4. The historical context provided is quite enlightening. It reminds us that magic has been practiced with whatever was available, and the dependency on specific tools is a relatively new phenomenon.

  5. The article provides an interesting perspective on the adaptability of witchcraft practices. It emphasizes the importance of internal power over material tools, which is a valuable lesson for modern practitioners.


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