Easy Ways to Harness Your Full Potential

Easy Ways to Harness Your Full Potential

In ancient Korean practices like Mago mindfulness, nature governs everything in our lives.  Two opposite facets are able to come together to form a balanced while.  Balance is sustained when what flows in, is able to equally flow out.  Think about how the food you eat nourishes your body, then the leftovers are expelled into the toilet, and back to nature.  An inability to release the excess can cause physically discomfort to you.  The same principle is true of your brain.  Anything that flows into your brain like stimuli or emotions, must somehow be released to create mental balance.  If it does not, then you will suffer.

In today’s fast paced society, it is easily to get mentally overwhelmed.  Emotional baggage becomes cluttered in your brain’s hallways and stimuli always seems to be pushing you to your limits.  We have a simple, yet helpful solution to release this information surplus.

Whole Body Tapping 

There are a number of benefits with whole body tapping.  Energetically, whole body tapping creates vibrations in your body helps circulate any stagnant energy, such as overstimulation or emotional baggage.  You are then able to be more mindful of your body and your inner wisdom.

Shaking as a Warm-Up

Shaking is a quick way to begin moving energy around your body.  Begin by gently bouncing up and down.  During each bounce, allow your shoulders and arms to move about.  Ensure your jaw, neck and shoulder can remain relaxed.  Maintain consistent deep breathing.  It is import that you never hold your breath and it releasing energy from you nose and mouth.

As you shake your body, visualize any tension being released by your body through your breath.  See the stress and clutter being purge from your brain.  Continue for about five minutes then begin to slow down.  Notice how sensations in your body may have changed.  A tingling sensation can be indicative of energy flowing more freely through your body and thus circulating your blood better.

Whole Body Tapping Instructions

Use your fingertips, palm, and/or fist to tap your body – not too soft and not too hard.  Allow yourself to smile gently.  Begin tapping from the top of your head and work your way down to your feet.  Take whatever pattern feels best for you.  After you have finished tapping, take a moment to notice your body and your sensations.  Breath in and out and pay attention to any body temperature or breath changes.  Your energy is now activated and more balanced, thus opening you up to your full potential.


  1. The idea of balancing energy through physical movements is reminiscent of many holistic health practices. The emphasis on deep breathing and visualization techniques could potentially be beneficial for mental clarity. It’s a compelling approach in our fast-paced world.

  2. This article offers a refreshing perspective on mental health management. The correlation between physical and mental balance through simple practices like shaking and tapping seems practical and accessible. It’s worth exploring how these methods can be integrated into daily routines.

  3. The integration of physical practices like Whole Body Tapping to manage mental stress is intriguing. It aligns well with the concept of energy circulation in traditional Eastern medicine. However, I wonder about the empirical evidence supporting its effectiveness. Further research could provide valuable insights.

  4. The practice of Whole Body Tapping as described seems to have roots in ancient mindfulness techniques, which is intriguing. The visualization of expelling mental clutter through physical movement is a unique approach. It would be beneficial to see more detailed studies on its efficacy.

  5. The concept of releasing emotional and mental clutter through whole body tapping is quite fascinating. It makes sense that physical stimulation can have a direct impact on mental tranquility. I’m curious about the long-term effects and how consistent practice might influence overall well-being.


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