How to Develop Your Psychic Giftings

How to Develop Your Psychic Giftings

Everyone has psychic gifts that they can awaken by exercising and using their gifts. Just like being able to do other things like play ball or ride a bike, you can also learn to increase your psychic giftings with practice.

Training to use your natural giftings can become effective to your life. You can learn to have a quiet mind and to be comfortable while being relaxed and concentrating on what you want to do with your gifts. You can look at your skill and do exercises that help you to improve your giftings.


The first thing that you can learn to do is to meditate. When you meditate, you let your mind and body relax. This is a way that you can learn to increase your gifts. Learning to meditate is a practice and it means that you are more tuned into the spirit world, and you can reach your inner being without having to work hard at it.

Focus on keeping your attention steady and if you need help, you can light a candle and watch it while you let your mental awareness grow. Focus your attention on the candle, breathe normally and open your eyes to the meditation success.


Some psychics host classes that can help you to increase your giftings. They will help you to know your gifts and to increase them. Look online to find classes close to you.


Make sure that you are taking care of your body by working out and eating healthy. Doing this can help you to improve your psychic giftings.

Do not smoke or drink and find a program to help you stay on track.


Everyone has spirit guides that are there to help them. They are always around, and they are there to help you connect with your spiritual being and to help you to increase your abilities.

Talk to them and work with them and the more that you do, the more that they will be there for you. They will come to you when you ask.


You must learn to trust in yourself such as your intuition. Trust that you have giftings and affirm yourself each day by being positive. Be successful in trusting yourself and letting your accuracy hit.

Chakra Centers

The body is made of seven main chakras and when they are open, you will be healthy in your mind, body, and soul and when they are closed, you will no longer be healthy. Learn to be healthy in your chakra centers and this will help you to increase your giftings.

Opening your third eye is very helpful when you want to increase your gifts and receive information. Do this and realize that your life can be better.

Practice Aura Reading

Try to look at your own aura and see the auras of others. When you learn to do this, you can bring healing to people, and you can learn to be stronger in your intuition.

Aura reading is not easy, and it takes time and practice. You can practice by looking at people and trying to see their aura colors. Doing this can help you to open up to a new world.


Psychometry is a practice of reading the energy of things and people. Practice by touching objects and seeing what you see. Try to figure out where the object has been and what it is feeling. This is one gift that can increase fast.


There are other tools that you can use such as tarot cards, pendulums and more. Using pendulums is a great beginning for a new psychic because it is easy to use. This can help you to practice and use your spirit guides to lead you with questions and to help you get the information that you need.


Learn to keep a journal of your dreams and signs and symbols that come to you. When you dream, write them down and see if they tell you ideas or future events. Pay attention to what you are dreaming and when the dreams come true.


One of the biggest nature gifts is psychic abilities. If you want to reach your psychic abilities and learn to embrace them, you can see that they use the different senses in the body to help you to grow and help you to open up your potential.


  1. It’s an informative piece that covers various aspects of psychic development. The section on spirit guides piqued my interest, but I would have appreciated a deeper explanation of how one can differentiate between internal thoughts and external guidance.

  2. The inclusion of practices like aura reading and psychometry is intriguing. The step-by-step guidance is helpful, although it might benefit from additional context on the cultural and historical background of these practices.

  3. While the article is well-structured and interesting, it might be useful to include testimonials or case studies of individuals who have successfully developed their psychic abilities using these methods.

    • I agree. Personal stories and real-life examples could add credibility and relatability to the content. It would be fascinating to hear about people’s journeys in enhancing their psychic abilities.

  4. I appreciate the comprehensive approach the article takes, from meditation to physical health. Taking care of the body to enhance psychic abilities is a novel perspective, but I’m curious about any empirical research that backs up these claims.

  5. The article provides interesting insights on developing psychic abilities. The emphasis on meditation and focusing the mind seems practical. However, I would like to see more scientific evidence supporting the effectiveness of these methods.


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