How to Use Your Intuition


People have intuition to help keep them safe. It can guide you down the right path, give you answers and protect you from harm. Intuition is a psychic gift that everyone has. You can use this gift even when things aren’t logical.

Intuition can support and protect you and it is like having a sixth sense. It will respond to you with information that you receive, and it will come from something beyond logic. You might not understand why your intuition is telling you something, but you can learn to trust it and it will be more accurate if you do.

Understanding Intuition

People want to hear things from the spirit world and so they will often open their heart and their unconscious mind to this. But other people let the world chatter come into their mind and this makes them turn away from their spiritual path. This happens more because of all the busy lives that everyone has.

Most people want to hear this voice return and they realize that they aren’t spending enough time listening or hearing. The inner voice is there, and this is another word for intuition. It is there to inspire you and even when you don’t ask for it, it is there.

You can focus on what is going on around you and you might think you should react a certain way but when you learn to trust your intuition then you will change your thought pattern and you will start listening to the divine voice instead.

Instinct and intuition are not that different and even though some people have a hard time processing their intuition or the voice in their heart, they have to learn to trust this to make it stronger.

What Does Awakening Mean?

You don’t ever have to learn what intuition is because it is there when you are born. It has always been inside of you, and it is just up to you to awaken it. You can start small by listening to small things that it tells you and then as you listen, you will trust it more.

Soon you will be able to use your intuition to help you make decisions. When you want to reach your higher self, you will have to have more inner knowing. You have to be willing to let your intuition come and to listen to it. Even when you sense something, you have to believe it and not just ignore it.

The higher perception that you have, the more power you will have. You might fear getting things wrong and you might feel that you need to change things in your life to hear your intuition, but the truth is that your intuition is there, you just have to trust your gut feeling.

Trust isn’t easy to happen, and it involves looking back at things in your life. You might see that you are practical and logical and that this is how you have lived for a long time.

Maybe you made mistakes in your past and you forget that you made these mistakes because you didn’t trust your intuition and you weren’t willing to receive the gift of it. As you learn to let go of this fear though, you will see that your intuition will get stronger, and you will have more truth.

There are so many things that go on in life today and you have to be willing to listen more to what your gut is telling you. By doing this, you can know what direction your life is going, and you can learn to have a better life with less suffering. The intuition that you have can be part of your true emotions and it is a presence of truth and not just an opinion or a thought.

You need to put yourself in a place where you can look at your life circumstances and learn from things. You have to awaken your inner intuition and let it guide you. Let your heart be open to this and let it help you to face challenges in the future.

Activating Your Intuition

You can start to activate your intuition by meditating. Do this and let it show itself to you. This is a truth inside of you and it is a light that you need. Write down things that you feel and the things that your intuition tells you. Do this and then see what happens when you listen. Write down your results as well. Celebrate yourself when you listen and trust your intuition and when your gut gets it right.

How Big is Intuition?

There is no real science behind intuition that can be measured but people have been studying the brain for years. They have found that an Intuitive Intelligence Quotient can be researched and that you can have more intuition than you ever imagined you could have.