Numerology for Your Career

Numerology for Your Career

In the world today, it is less unusual than years ago that someone would work at the same job for thirty years and then retire. Now more than ever, people are looking for jobs that help them to feel fulfilled and that help them to find their life purpose.

But, before you go and give up on your job and start your new resume, you need to look at your numerology and see what it has to tell you. Some people will stay at the same job for years and will never be happy and this is because they are in a career that was never meant for them.

Once you discover that you can use numerology and your life path number to understand what kind of traits you have, you can see what kind of job that you would love and be good at. This number can help you to figure out what skills you are good at and help you to know what job is right for you. This can help you to know where and when to start looking.


Numerology is a study of numbers and the belief that all numbers can give you an idea about your personality and the traits that you have. It can show you what you want, need and the desires that you have. It can also show you different challenges that you will face and what kind of job you would be good at. You can find that a person will have six numbers that mean something important for them and these numbers are from your date of birth and your name. These numbers can help you to know what career will be important to you.

To know your life path number, you need to start by adding up the numbers of your birth. For example, if you were born on 06/07/1981 you would add 0+6+0+7+1+9+8+1 and this would be 32 and you would add 3+2 and it would be 5. 5 would be your life path number.

When you figure out your path number then you will see the different skills and traits that you have and then you can decide what career you want to take in your life. This number can help you to find knowledge and can help you to nurture yourself and to embrace your career and life.

Life Path Number 1

This number can mean you are very motivated and that you are able to work on your own. You are a great leader, and you have skills that help you to be strong. You would make a good retail owner, military boss, and business person.

Life Path Number 2

This number can mean you want peace in your life, and you strive to give everyone peace. This means you are loving and caring, and you could be great at being a social worker, doctor, nurse, or therapist.

Life Path Number 3

This number can show you that you love to entertain others. This means that you should be an actor or someone that does stage work.

Life Path Number 4

This number shows you that you are smart and that you are able to take things in on your own. You work hard to solve problems and you do things that are hard to get done. You would be great at being a teacher or a doctor.

Life Path Number 5

This number means that you are fun and that you love adventure. You are someone that can multi-task and you work hard to get your job done. You probably love to travel, and you would make a great sale agent, travel agent or pilot.

Life Path Number 6

This number tells you that you are someone that draws people in. You have a great personality and people are attached to you. You would make a great car salesman, realtor, or counselor.

Life Path Number 7

This is a number that says that you love nature, and you are very smart. You are loyal to people in your life, and you always pay attention to detail. You analyze things before you make a move. You would be a great psychologist, manager, or a judge.

Life Path Number 8

This number represents someone that loves to be strong in their finances. You take care of money, and you work hard to make sure you have enough. You are honest and you say what needs to be said even if it is hurtful. You would make a great lawyer, politician or manage.

Life Path Number 9

This number is an evolved number, and it means that you are powerful and determined. You probably love humanitarian works and you will work hard to make sure others are taken care of. You would make a great therapist, volunteer or even an artist.


You can look at your life path number and find out what kind of career you would be good at. Find one that can change your life and give you joy.