Opening Your Third Eye

Opening Your Third Eye

Hearing the term “Third Eye,” does not mean that you have a third eye in the middle of your forehead, but what it does mean is that you have a psychic vision or a psychic eye that is your third eye.

People can open their third eye, and this can help them to be spiritually open and can help you to see into the spirit world.

Third Eye

The third eye is one of your seven chakras and it is where your psychic powers lie. Many people have clair giftings including clairvoyance which means psychic seeing. With psychic seeing, you can see things such as visions and see other things in your mind.

Your third eye is located right in the middle of your forehead between your eyes. Your chakras are there to help you to be strong and to help you to be healthy.

Third Eye Help

There are different things that your third eye can help you with such as:

  • Feeling spirits around you.
  • Seeing auras.
  • Connecting with your angels and guides.
  • Seeing symbols or visions.

Pineal Gland

Your third eye is part of your pineal gland and this means that it helps to regulate your sleep and your heart. The pineal gland is important for your body and your soul because it is the center of your intuition.

Opening the Third Eye

The great thing about being a psychic is that you can develop your giftings. When you open up your third eye, you are opening up giftings that are inside of you.

There are different ways that you can develop your psychic gifts and there are some exercises that you can do to help you. Remember that if you feel tingling between your forehead it can be a sign that your third eye is opening.

You will see that your clair gifts are opening up and that you are able to know more and to see more in the spirit.

Touch the Third Eye

Touching your third eye might seem strange but if you want to increase your intuition and other psychic gifts, you need to develop them. Take your finger and put it in between your forehead then do this:

  • Hold your finger there like you are pushing a button to turn it on.
  • Move your finger in a circle and imagine your chakra opening.
  • Tap your head and activate your third eye.

It is important that you are aware of your third eye and what it can do for you.

Essential Oils

Another way that you can open your third eye is with essential oils. Not only can these help you, but they can also cleanse your body and balance your energies.

Essential oils such as Myrrh, Chamomile and Sandalwood can help to open up your third eye. You can even dab a drop of oil on your third eye to help open it.


Most of us have a bad habit of taking short breaths. We never take time to expand our lungs. Shallow breathing does not allow all of your body to have oxygen and you need to learn to deep breathe.

Make sure that when you breathe that your stomach is expanding and do this so that your third eye can open, and you can make your life healthier.


Meditation is one of the best ways that you can open up any of your giftings, including the third eye. You just need to do this a few minutes a day and you will see how much you change.

Color Meditation

Color meditation is when you imagine balls of color coming between your forehead to your third eye. Imagine these colors coming to you and filling your mind.


Meditation will work well for you, but you need to learn to imagine things. Here is how:

  • Relax and take deep breaths.
  • Imagine a number 1 in your mind and hold the image for a few seconds.
  • Now, imagine a number 2 and hold the image.
  • Do this until you reach the number 10.

Imagine other images such as flowers and birds and other things.

Crystal Meditation

Another great way to meditate is through crystal meditation. You can use crystals to help you heal and you can put a crystal between your eyes on your forehead to open your third eye.

Use amethyst and other crystals that increase your clairvoyance.


Yoga poses help you to feel better and can help you to open your third eye. Here are some poses that you can do:

  • Downward Dog
  • Child Pose
  • Half Bend
  • Shoulder stand
  • Hero

There are different videos that you can find online to help you know how to do these poses.

Seeing Auras

Auras are part of your energy circle around your body and you can see them when you start to open your third eye. If you have never been able to see an aura, you can practice doing this. Stand in front of a mirror and relax your eyes until you see colors surrounding you.


Opening your third eye can help to increase your psychic giftings. Allow yourself to try new things and even try a combination of things.

You can do essential oils and crystals while you are meditating. Wear crystals that are good for healing and for increasing your psychic power. Doing these things just a few minutes a day can help you to increase your gifts fast.