Psychic Feeling Or Just Going Crazy?


download (7)People who claim or believe to possess psychic abilities always have a craving to discover their range and extent of psychic powers and sometimes their rare abilities make them ask ‘Am I Psychic or crazy’? Sometimes we have trouble tapping our intuition under stressful situations and we fail to connect with our inner psyche. 

I think before this is even addressed, it first has to be said that all humans have some degree of psychic ability. People don’t understand that we are able to know all things when we are free of our body. Our body acts as a filter to our Being and depending on how your filter has developed since birth and remained free of blocks, determines how psychic you are. That capability can range from a déjà vu, a dream that comes true, a premonition, or full blown psychic experiences that can include visual, physical and auditory sensations and information. Children are especially psychic because they are free of blocks, negative association with being psychic and have open chakras.

4416395348_98b6crazy_person_insane_1_xlargeBut back to our point about whether a person experiencing psychic phenomenon is crazy. Usually, if you’re asking the question, then you are not. Most crazy people have no idea that they are crazy. Their mental illness does not allow them the comprehension to understand what crazy even is. So if you’re asking, you’re probably not. A person who isn’t having genuine psychic experiences may wish for it but even that’s not crazy, that’s fantasy or wishful thinking. They may read more into a possible psychic event than really existed, but even that is hard to determine since we’re talking about a subject that is not quantitative.

I think the real issue is not whether a person genuinely feels that they are crazy, but more confused. They know very little of the topic and they have no personal or scientific background to judge or assist them with what they are going through. Our society has also done a significant job (especially in earlier times in the history of humanity) to suggest that anything experienced outside of the normal senses should be treated with fear and skepticism. This stunts our growth and allows us to question very valid and lucid experiences. It is only in recent years that more and more people of education are coming forward and acknowledging that we are more than our physical bodies and have potential within us to experience a sixth sense.

empathhhWe have to question what is told to us. What is reality? If you are having dreams that come true then why would this make you crazy? Why would knowing what song is about to come on the radio be so confounding? We are told this is crazy because it’s not supposed to happen yet there are millions of occurrences where it does. We have to respect and value our own experiences and know that we are not crazy but are souls having a human experience via a physical shell. Eventually the rest of society will catch up to the psychics and start to accept what that is and respect the people having the experience.

I think if there was anything to be said about crazy people is that millions of people are having psychic experiences yet it’s crazy that people still refuse to accept this and instead call the subject of the experience crazy. To me, that’s plain nuts!