Psychic Meditation Made Easy


1Psychic meditation will help you if you are working on developing any of your psychic abilities. By making a commitment to yourself that you will do it, you may find success. The most important aspect to achieving this end is to make meditation a daily activity, which will aid you to achieve your aim.

This is another of the easy meditation techniques to use each day. During the time you spend in meditation, you will begin to make contact with spirit, and your guides, aiding you to develop genuine psychic gifts.

Two Ways to Use This Page

1. For intuitive readers and mediums:  This is a great tool to use prior to a reading.  I’ve personally used this psychic meditation since 2000 as a ‘precog’ prior to each reading I’ve ever given.  It is simple, yet extremely effective.  I start 15 minutes before each session and write down all of my impressions prior to speaking with a client.

2. For those new in their psychic awakening:  If you are just discovering your psychic gifts, this is a great exercise to practice strengthening your abilities.  Try it for about 15 minutes, and write down all the things you see, feel, hear, etc. no matter how subtle.

1. electronics_collage_smPrepare and Get Comfortable

  • Choose a time where you can be alone and have quiet for about 15 minutes.
  • Have a notebook and pen nearby to write down your impressions.
  • Turn off all electronic gadgets.  Also, this is not something that you want to do while the kids are running around – trust me on this one, it will not be relaxing!
For regular meditation, I believe you should sit or lay however you are comfortable. However, for the purpose of this psychic meditation,  I recommend you start out this way:
  • Sit in a comfortable chair with your back supported
  • Plant your feet on the floor – imagine them being rooted into the ground, much the same as the way tree roots are buried deep into the earth
  • Place your hands in your lap with your palms facing up – the palms up signifies that you are ready to receive information.

2. Focus on Breathing

Close your eyes and take some deep breaths – I mean deep, belly breaths.  Do them in this manner:

  • downloadBreathe in through your nose. As you breathe in, you should feel your stomach expand.  Inhale to the count of three.
  • Hold the breathe for three seconds if you can – in the beginning you may not be able to.  This is okay, and will come with practice. Just do the best you can – we don’t want you passing out!
  • Exhale through your mouth –  again, to the count of three.  So in other words, it will take you three seconds to exhale.
  • Do this a few times until you feel relaxed and then just breathe at a nice, calm pace.  No need to keep counting.

3. Ask for Protection and Set Your Intention

  • In your mind, ask your spirit guides (and angels if you want) for protection.  It doesn’t matter if you know who your guide is or not.  Ask them that low vibrational energies not be allowed through now or ever.
  • Next, set the intention that that your psychic meditation session is for the highest and best good of your client.
  • If you are doing this exercise for yourself only, ask that it be for your highest and best good.
  • Never, ever skip this step!

4. Open Up to Receive Information

Now the fun begins!  You have raised your vibration, and are ready to receive intuitive messages from your spirit guides and/or the guides of your clients, as well as loved ones in heaven.  Ready?  Here we go!

What you are going to do now is visualize something that represents opening to you.   This symbolizes that you are now open to receiving information from spirit.

Personally, I imagine a small white candle being lit.  When I light the candle in my mind’s eye, it symbolizes that I am open and ready to receive.

Here are some other visualization ideas.  There are no right or wrongs here, just find what you are comfortable with:

  • 619-49_d1* A flower opening up and blooming
  • * An Open sign, such as one you’d see in a shop window
  • * A beautiful door or book opening

5. Make Notes of Your Impressions

Sit quietly for about 10 minutes.

Now, pay attention to your body – it really does become your ‘antenna.’  And note:  the impressions are usually very subtle.

Do you notice any of the following:

  • Are any images showing themselves in your mind’s eye?
  • Do you feel any physical sensations – pressure, pins and needles, etc.?
  • Do you feel any type of emotion – joy, sadness, etc.?
  • Do you hear anything- words, names, phrases?
  • Do you have a very strong sense of knowing?

No matter how subtle, write it all down.

Tip:  Psychic meditation takes practice.  If something doesn’t make sense right away, ask your guides for clarification.  In time, this process gets easier and quicker.  You will get to the point where you can tune in and out without doing any exercises.

6. Proper Way to End the Psychic Meditation

Congratulations!  This psychic meditation has helped you open up.  Now it’s time to close down and get grounded, both of which are extremely important.

Why?  Because if you do not learn how to control your abilities, you will be picking up on energies all day long.  All you need to do is this:

blowing-out-a-candleRemember the image you used to symbolize that you were tuned in – that you were ‘on’?   Okay, now do the opposite.  So, for example, visualize:

  • blowing out the candle
  • a book closing
  • flipping the Open sign to a Closed sign
  • the flower going back to a bud

Thank your guides and ask them that they not allow any other energies to come through.  Many people have trouble with the closing down process, but it will come with practice.  Just keep asking your guides for help, and find a way to ground yourself afterwards.

The next thing you want to do is get grounded which helps balance the energy.  Grounding will help you lose any of the flighty or dazed feeling that you may have.

Next Steps –  If you are doing this exercise for yourself : 

Practice this psychic meditation for a few minutes each day.  It will help with your psychic development and learning to work with your spirit guides.

Next Steps – If you are using this exercise prior to a reading:

If you’ve done the psychic meditation prior to a reading, you may like to start off the session by going over all of the information you’ve received during your ‘precog.’  This is what I personally do, but really, how you choose to conduct your readings is totally up to you.  Everyone has their own method.


  1. The emphasis on setting intentions and asking for protection is an insightful addition. It’s crucial for anyone practicing psychic meditation to establish boundaries.

  2. The approach to visualizing symbols to open and close the session is very interesting. It provides a visual anchor that can be helpful for focus during meditation.

  3. The recommendation to write down all impressions, no matter how subtle, is practical advice. Documenting these experiences can help track progress and reveal patterns over time.

  4. I appreciate the grounding techniques mentioned at the end. They seem essential for maintaining balance after a session, which is often overlooked in similar guides.

  5. The detailed steps provided in the article are quite comprehensive. I’m interested in how one can distinguish between genuine psychic impressions and random thoughts, especially for beginners.


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