Signs You Are a Highly Intuitive Empath

Signs You Are a Highly Intuitive Empath

Everything we see, feel, or hear around us is vibrating with a special energy. People who are highly intuitive and highly sensitive are able to sense the energies around them. There are many times when we doubt our intuition and ourselves, possibly believing things only happen by coincidence. The real truth is that we underestimate the power within us and rarely trust or act on those gut feelings that are so meaningful. There are several signs that show you are a highly intuitive empath that is excessively sensitive to energy. Read on to learn these signs and learn to believe in your innate power.

  • A Good or Bad Feeling about Something that Turns Out Correct – Perhaps you are the type that knows what will happen and how they will turn out and this feeling turns out to be accurate. When you have a bad feeling about a person, place, or situation and are rarely wrong, it means you are connected to the universe’s energies. You high intuition is always right and in sync with what is happening.
  • You Typically Get What You Want – Your intuitive nature and ultra-high sensitivity keeps you on the right path for your life. You rarely make mistakes and if you do, you learn quickly from them. This makes life easier overall and while others are having a hard time getting things done, you can easily achieve your goals with great success.
  • Dream About Events Prior to Them Happening – Dreams are not a coincidence. Even if you rarely dream, but when you do dream it may hold great meaning. Your dream is actually intuitive energy that holds the energy of something that will happen in the future and this can manifest in dreams. It can be safe to say that you have visions instead of dreams.
  • Others Seek You to Find Peace – Your powerful energy paired with your sensitivity can have others seeking you out to find relief from their own problems. Even if you cannot help them solve their problems, they may feel better by spending time and speaking with you. Your energy is healing and provides strength.
  • Needing a Recharge Often – You likely need your alone time to recharge more often than others because the high sensitivity is exhausting. When you spend time alone, your inner strength is revived and you can tune into yourself.
  • Connecting with Only a Few – You may know and talk to lots of people, but you can only connect with a few. The connections you do have are special and intense, feeling like they are soul connections. It is likely you have known these people for a long time and understand each other well. You will never be able to connect with people who have a bad energy.
  • Sensitive Senses – Whether it is a smell, sound, touch, light, or anything else that affects the senses, you are likely very effected. Certain colors or sounds may make you happy while others instantly ruin your mood. This sensitivity can even make a totally silent room appear noisy.
  • You Know When Someone is Not Being Honest – You see the true colors of those you encounter because you read their energies and gestures, not just listen to their words. This means you are able to easily spot dishonesty and manipulation from others, but also recognize a truly good heart.

If you are highly intuitive and sensitive, you are blessed. You are a rare soul that can make life better for yourself and others.


  1. Recognizing true intentions and honesty in others through energy reading is a fascinating concept. It suggests a deeper level of interpersonal understanding that goes beyond mere words.

  2. The concept of intuitive sensitivity and its manifestations is quite intriguing. Understanding how these energies play a role in our daily lives can certainly provide a deeper understanding of human interactions and self-awareness.

  3. This article provides a comprehensive list of signs to identify if one is a highly intuitive empath. It’s interesting to consider the impact of these abilities on personal relationships and overall well-being.

  4. The need for alone time to recharge makes a lot of sense for those who are highly sensitive to energies. It’s an important reminder of the necessity of self-care in maintaining emotional and mental health.

  5. The idea that dreams can be manifestations of intuitive energy is compelling. It raises questions about the unconscious mind and its connection to future events.


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