The Three Tenants of Responsible Mediumship

psychic Responsible Mediumship

psychic Responsible MediumshipPsychic-Mediumship allows for the receiving and interpreting of energies surrounding a client.  This practice awakens one’s innate intuition to understand the signs sent to us by the Universe for our spiritual growth.  It also reflects the service provided to a client to help them make peace with unresolved situations, emotions or feelings so that they release lingering pains and know a profound peace instead.

A reputable psychic focused their work around three core tenants:

  1. Focusing on the Client
  2. Maintaining a Connection
  3. Adhering to Personal Values

Working with a client requires a high degree of integrity and responsibility.  A psychic must relay a message in a way that honors the client’s freewill, but gives accurate details and guidance.  Each stage of the reading must begin with obtaining the client’s permission.  Without their blessing a reader may violate their choice to receive and fully process a message.  By keeping the focus on the client, a psychic and their business shows commitment to providing a quality service and not producing a shocking showmanship.  Even on the dramatic tv programs, the audience is fully aware, and willing to share their journey in high-profile way.

Maintaining a connection during a reader shows a high level of understanding on the part of the psychic.  The medium has the training and talent to convey to the client how energy channel works for them, the client and the spirits.  The medium then works during the reading to help educate the client on how the valuable information is being shared and received.  Throughout a session they will probe, with permission, the client to get deeper insights into the message to ensure the quality and resonance of what they are receiving from the spirit world.  A skilled reader will always seek to hone their talents for extra sensory perception and how to best communicate these sensations with their clientele.

The third tenant is centering around being true to the reader’s essence.  A reputable medium bases their work on awareness.  They are conscious of the intersection between their personal values, the needs of the client and what they are receiving from the spirit world.  In order to best keep themselves grounded and balanced energetically, a medium must be confident in the strength of their own character, feelings, motives, behaviors, values and desires.  The quality of a service is only as good as the person that is handling the work.

A medium has a sacred trust from the Universe to receive, interpreting and teach information being sent to the client from the Divine, or their loved ones.  Since readers are human, messages can be unintentionally colored by their own personal life experiences and belief structure.  Therefore, it is vital that they are transparent with clients about their background, values and limitations.  This can help all parties work through any issues due to subconscious bias.  However, as the reader is the captain of the journey, they must fully be aware of this phenomenon and do all they can to ensure as pure and accurate a message as possible.