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The tools of a psychic

There is nothing as unique as the gifts of psychic. Each one has their own set of talents and sills. Their gifts present themselves in many different ways. Some are simply clairvoyant. Others implement things to help guide them.

Tarot Card

There are some psychics who use tarot cards to help interpret the facts of your question.  The advisor can then get a better grasp of your situation.  This type of reading can help get into the many layers of your current dilemma.

Pendulum Readings

If your advisor is presented with a question that requires a simple answer, they may use a pendulum, a weighted object on chain, to help find the answer . The pendulum uses your energy to answer the question.  With a pendulum reading honest on your part is an absolute must.

Candle Reading

Advisors will often have candles burning.  This is because different colored candles mean different things.  These candles can help protect and cleanse their surroundings.  If your psychic uses a candle, they will seek your information in the flames.  They may also read the signs in the drippings of the candle wax on paper.  Please be open to what your advisor is telling you.

Scientific Meters

Some psychics can use meters to help signify the presence of spirits surrounding you.  These all work in by reading the room for energy to determine the spirit around you.  They can also use cameras and other means of detection.

Please do not think of the tools of the psychic as a indication of weakness.  The psychic is using these tools as way to get you the best possible guidance.

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