Tips On How To Give A Good Reading


Every psychic has their own style and uses different tools to make a psychic reading good.  Along with anything else, it can be just as much down to chemistry between the person having the reading and the psychic.

A few of my golden rules – a kind of psychic reading best practice.  If you are a psychic reader yourself, you might find them useful to take on, or if you are thinking of having a psychic reading, they are well worth bearing in mind.


1/Never make assumptions – I like to tell the story of an unforgettable psychic reading I gave when I was starting out to a very prim lady in her 80’s.  I picked up that she had three lovers and immediately thought – that can’t be true!  A forthright Aries, even I was temporarily thrown but I did come out with it.  You could have knocked my socks off when she said a matter of fact, ‘That’s right, dear’.  Assumptions can make you dismiss what you pick up or even mean that you don’t see what’s right in front of you in the first place.  Part of your psychic development does include delving into how you see the world and becoming aware of where you are jumping to conclusions.

2/Don’t analyse the information – This is all about second guessing yourself out of those intuitive hits.  You can trip yourself up with a super-critical mind that picks any potential hits to bits before they are out of your mouth, or again let your mind muddle with what you’re getting until you’re no longer a clear channel.  I always say, go for it, even if you say something along the lines of, ‘This might sound odd, but are you a trapeze artist?’  You may very well be spot on!  It is more powerful to say what you are getting.  If you intellectualise it you lose the magic and the impact.

3/ Don’t dictate people’s destiny  – We are here to step into our power and when we do that, we create our destiny.  Telling people what to do or what they should do is a step towards undermining their power and making them dependent on you.  Use your intuition to pull up useful information, but we are all unique souls here on our own journey and we should never try and leap in on someone else’s path.

4/Don’t make moral judgments – Everyone has their own unique moral compass and when you are giving psychic readings, you may very well come across someone who has made very different choices to the ones you’d make.  We’re not talking terrible crimes or anything in that category.  But you may find at times that what someone else reveals pushes your buttons.  Try and take the soul’s view of every situation.

5/Don’t say anything negative or create fear – This covers everything from predicting dire things that are going to happen later down the line to saying to someone ‘there’s someone around you that you can’t trust’ and then showing them the door.  As a psychic reader, you may well spot a few tricky situations at times but that’s where you use your psychic intution to delve into what’s going on and also what the person having the psychic reading can do.

6/Don’t be fatalistic – Very little in our lives is set in stone.  Sometimes people do push for certainty, especially when they are anxious or upset, and we can be compassionate towards that.  But it’s far more powerful to help someone understand that we are all alchemists, capable of transforming any situation and that we shape our futures.  Along with that, it encourages people to put energy into their dreams and all dreams need that to come true.

7/Do empower – This follows on from the above.  We are empowered when we are clear on the choices we have, when we have pulled back our energy from wherever we might be pouring it and we are in touch with the inner strengths that allow us to carry them through.


  1. Highlighting the need to avoid fatalism is critical. Reminding people of their capacity to transform their circumstances encourages a proactive and hopeful outlook.

  2. The recommendation to avoid spreading negativity or creating fear is very sensible. It’s important for psychic readers to foster a positive environment and provide constructive guidance.

  3. I found the advice to not analyse the information particularly insightful. It’s a good reminder that overthinking can cloud intuition and reduce the effectiveness of a reading.

  4. The guidelines presented in the article offer a well-rounded approach to conducting psychic readings. The emphasis on not making assumptions and avoiding moral judgments ensures that the reader stays objective and respectful.

  5. The point about empowering the individual rather than dictating their destiny resonates with me. It’s crucial to help people realize their own potential and ability to shape their future.


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