Use Your Gift in a Psychic Job


Are you a psychic? Do you have the gift? There are many ways to turn any psychic skills you have into a psychic job and make profits out of helping people which is a win-win situation for you by getting much out of it and for your client by getting a real psychic who can really help, but where do you start and what’s the best way to proceed?

Many people are either born with psychic skills or develop their psychic abilities through some sort of training and start out by giving readings to family and friends before they start to wonder what it might be like to work as a professional psychic reader. If you have reached a level where your psychic ability is clear, focused and accurate you have the opportunity to use these skills as your vocation. Over the years I’ve tested thousands of psychics to work on my line and even though we take very few on, some brilliant ones had never done it professionally before but were pure naturals with top notch accuracy and empathy.

Depending on what you feel is right for you and whether you would consider doing any other professional training if needed, you can combine psychic skills with other forms of healing or counselling. Developing and using your psychic skills adds another dimension to most jobs! You might also consider giving face to face psychic readings, or working for an established company giving readings by telephone.

Setting yourself up as a psychic reader in a psychic job might seem like a very spiritual thing to do, but there are lots of practical considerations you’ll want to think about and you can read more about what these might be in the article ‘start your spiritual business’.

If you decide that you want a psychic job working with an established company, it’s worth looking around and deciding what kind of company you would like to work for.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions about any company that you are interested in working for.  Can you be flexible about when you work?  Do the ethics of the company match your own spiritual ethics?  For example, readers at my company commit to working within a code of ethics that discourages dependency and works towards empowering callers to make their own choices.  Will it be a company that supports you in your professional development?

Working as a professional psychic can be extremely rewarding.  It’s great when someone comes back and tells you that something you have said has come true, or thanks you for helping them find a way through a tough time. But, as with any other job, it’s well worth doing a lot of thinking and planning before you take the first step onto making it your professional career and to think out of the box in how your psychic ability and intuition can enhance what you do.

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