Using Tools of Divination as a Beginner

Tools of Divination

Divination means that you are able to use situations or things to help you predict the future. This can be a way to find information and to help solve problems. Sometimes using divination can help people to influence others and to even change the results of the future.

There are different divination tools that are seen in different cultures around the world. There are so many beliefs that people have such as the Ancient Romans who believed that divination happened so that people could find out what the gods wanted so they would be safe. Divination is found in other cultures as well.

Tools of Divination

There is modern western divination that comes from different cultures and traditions. One of the most popular tools that people know of are dowsing, scrying, teacups, runes, reading charts and more.  By knowing these different tools, you can see how these practices have come throughout the ages.


Scrying is when a person will look into a crystal ball, and it will give them a vision. They do this in places that are quiet and calm so that they don’t lose their concentration.

The person will ask the client a question and then they will stare into the ball until they get the answer. The reader will keep their eyes on the crystal ball and will start to see visions, shapes or images. As the images leave, they can relax and then record or tell the client what they saw. Sometimes these things are symbolic, and they have to be interpreted.


Dowsing is another tool that has been around for many years. This is when someone will use a pendulum and ask a question. The question will be a yes or no question and the pendulum will swing a certain way in order to get the answer.

In order to do this, the person will ask the pendulum a question, the pendulum will be tied to a chain or a string. The question will be a yes or no question. You can even write yes or no on paper and then hold the pendulum over the paper and see which answer it goes to.


Some people choose to do or get astrological readings. These are readings that have to do with the stars and the planets and the birth chart. An astrologer will ask you the date of your birth and will put it in their chart. They will be able to know your signs including your zodiac, sun, moon, rising or ascendant signs.

There are twelve different signs and each of them can help you to understand your own personality or the personality of others. You can also get this reading to find out if you are compatible with someone.

Reading Leaves

Reading tea leaves is one kind of tool that many people have never heard of. A person will read the patterns of the leaves and how they land in the cup. They will be able to know what kind of advise to take and what to do to have a better life.

You can boil water and put loose leaf tea in a cup. Hold the cup and drink slowly while you ask a question. You then swirl the cup counterclockwise three times and then pour out the rest of the tea.

You need to focus on the leaves and then you will see shapes and symbols. You can even see letters sometimes, dots or pictures. You can look at the shapes and see what they tell you. You will have to interpret the leaves when your intuition tells you what is happening.


Runes are different stones or rocks that have letters and symbols on them. These were made in the Germanic past, and they used them at first to communicate with people. The runes have different letters and symbols, and they all have their own vibrations.

The word Rune means letter and secret and the runes have different carvings and are made of metal or wood. If you want to carve a rune, you can put something in it and use it to communicate with the gods or with nature. You can learn what each rune means and then you can carve your own. Use these as a tool of divination by asking questions and then pulling a rune out of a box and seeing what it tells you.

Tarot Cards

Tarot cards are a set of cards with 78 cards in the deck. The cards have different images and symbols, and they are used to tell of your past, present or future. They require the use of intuition and guidance, and it is important to learn what the cards symbolize.

When you first start reading tarot cards, you should try an easy spread like a 3-card spread or start by pulling one card a day and asking questions based on that one card.  As you start, shuffle the deck and then lay out the cards. The first card is the past and where you were, the second is where you are now and the third is your future card or where you are going.

You need to pick your own tarot deck when you are ready to get started. Listen to what your intuition is telling you when you pick the deck. This is unique for each person, and you will learn different ideas and lessons as you use this tool.

Starting with Tools of Divination

The best way that you can start using tools of divination is to practice, listen to your intuition and observe what is around you. Each tool can be complicated and full of symbolism and so it is important to start slow. Learn to communicate with yourself and with the tool and use your intuition to help you find the meanings of the tools presented in front of you.


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