Using Your Spiritual Gifts

Spiritual Gifts

One of the most asked questions that a psychic gets asked is about a persons destiny. People often wonder if they are following their destiny or if they are on the right path. Other people wonder if they can use their spiritual gifts for good things. If you are asking these questions, chances are that the universe is trying to show you what you should be doing in your life.

Becoming Enlightened

Help will come to you at times when you need it the most. If you have been through trauma and you are having a hard time working through it, you will see that you can find hope in your enlightenment. Healing can happen and when you get healed and you want to use your spiritual gifts, this is the right time.

You might need to seek advice and get over fear so that you can better your life. Sometimes it is important to see a therapist while other times you will have people come around you that can help you to explore what you are going through. You can figure out what your soul wants by using things such as:

• Numerology.
• Astrology.
• Mediumship.

There are other psychic gifts that you might have and that you might not really understand.

What is the Universe Saying?

The universe might be telling you that you have a psychic gift. Maybe you are a supportive person, and you are someone that looks to connect with the spirit world. Chances are that you are someone that has a gift of helping others and you might even be a teacher, health care worker or a coach. These are people that work to help others.

Is Helping Others Your Purpose?

Do you have a purpose of helping other people to live their best lives? If so, you can be successful in doing this. You might find that there are different career paths that you are drawn to, and these career paths can help you to care for others and help you to be strong in who you are.

Here are some of the best jobs for people that have helping as a purpose:

• Teacher.
• Coach.
• Counselor.
• Therapist.
• Doctor.
• Nurse.
• Massage Therapist.
• Healthcare Worker.

Final Thoughts

You can do more with your life than you ever imagined. There are things that you can do to increase your spiritual self and to be the best that you can be for yourself and for others.


  1. Engaging with the concept of enlightenment and spiritual gifts can be quite rewarding. It seems important to balance this with professional advice when dealing with trauma.

    • I agree. Seeking professional help alongside exploring spiritual avenues can provide a more comprehensive approach to healing and self-discovery.

  2. The notion of destiny and spiritual gifts is intriguing. It’s fascinating how different people seek meaning in their lives through various methods such as numerology and astrology.

  3. It’s interesting how the article emphasizes the importance of helping professions. It’s worth noting that these career paths require substantial training and dedication, beyond just a desire to help.

  4. The article provides a reassuring message about finding one’s path and purpose. However, it’s essential to approach such advice with a critical mind and not solely rely on spiritual guidance.

  5. I appreciate the idea that helping others can be a purpose. It aligns well with many career paths that contribute positively to society. It’s a compelling perspective to consider.


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