Ways to Enhance Your Psychic Abilities


Did you realize that we all intrinsically have a tad bit of a psychic ability? Remember that it can likewise be alluded to as “intuition.” “Everybody is natural in some sense. “Intuition” means into the spirit, so it’s truly the dialect of the spirit. Each individual is conceived with that intuition, yet not everybody listens to it. Not everybody is a medium, but rather everybody has a capacity. I contrast it with somebody being conceived a professional piano player. Anybody can play the piano, yet not everybody can turn into a professional piano player. It’s the same with mediums. Mediums are conceived. They can be produced, however they need to have the affectability early to venture out in front of the typical individual,” as JVP puts it. You might not have a characteristic slant towards it, but rather the capacity arrives and can be created.


So how do you do that? How does a person Tap Into The Sixth Sense? Sometimes you get some mumbled answer about “meditation” or something to such an effect, but that’s only a tiny part of unlocking your psychic potential. Just like building up a muscle, there are several steps to strengthening yourself, from diet to the exercises you take. Take these tips as a foundation into your own journey, and build up from there.Psychic-Abilities 1


This first step should be your utmost priority in developing your intuition. It sounds very grand, but essentially it just means getting rid of bad characteristics that you might have, like jealousy, pride, anger, greed, deceitfulness, negativity, and so on. At the same time, cultivate goodness within you, like love, forgiveness, kindness, humility, optimism, charity, and honesty.

Look at every facet of your life in order to remove negativity, from the people you associate with to the foods you eat. Do the friends uplift you? Does the food nourish your soul? Is your mind frame set towards compassion towards others? This also means you must start acknowledging and working through your bad karma while also fulfilling your dharma perfectly.

Why is this step so essential? If you do not first purify your consciousness, you aren’t a very good vessel. Universal messages will be coming through, and if they are tainted by the ego and negativity of your self-filter, you can attract mean spirits or Negative Energy to you. You won’t be able to be sure that the energies you are connecting to are the highest and purest. This is a step that many skip, and thus face negative experiences.

It’s important to realize that becoming pure can take a very, very long time, to the point where some believe it won’t happen in this lifetime. However, sticking to the path and traveling well a ways down it is necessary before attempting to work with psychic energy.


Making the effort to find a mentor is entirely worth it. The journey is easier when you have someone guiding you, who has Been Through What You’re Going Through, and knows what to do with it.

When looking for your teacher make sure to look for:

-Someone who puts their money where their mouth is, so to speak.

-Someone who’s “been there, done that” and has already achieved the powers that you are trying to access.

-Someone humble.

Psychic-Abilities 3

There are all sorts of false teachers out there, so be careful of who let you speak into your life and watch out for egotists, scammers, and schemers. While true spiritual teachers need to make a living as well, they will give information for free, even if they also do workshops or sell books. It’s not a bad thing to support the things that are increasing our consciousness. Finally, don’t fall for a spiritual guru who makes you spend your own money on their expenses, who makes you do strange things that you are uncomfortable with, who leads you to believe that you are cursed or the like, but that they possess the magical ability to heal you. Also, don’t fall for a spiritual guru who makes decisions for you in your life. A True Spiritual Leader will only impart their wisdom, and not make any decisions for you, as they know your journey is your own.

It may take some time to find someone like this, however. In the meantime, develop the attributes of a good student. Be ready to be humble, teachable, and helpful. A true spiritual guru will never ask this of you, but you should strive to be a blessing to them nonetheless. In exchange for your support in them, they will share their wisdom with you, a win/win situation overall!


Usually this entails Seeing The Past, Present And Future. To be able to see the past means the psychic ability of being able to see and understand the journey of another person, where they have been, what they have experienced and so on– and this includes in their present life and also in their many past lives.

If you want to be able to see the past, you must develop your memory. You should have a very powerful memory. If you cannot remember what happened 3 hours ago, you will not have the ability to see past lives either. If a psychic tells you what you were in a past life, you should also ask them what you were doing 30 minutes ago. If this psychic cannot tell you what you were doing 30 minutes ago, she can also not tell you what we were doing one lifetime ago, and it’s incredibly hard to trust them. Of course it’s easy for intuitives to “feel” or have an idea of who you were in a past life, but that’s not what we are talking about here. We are talking about more than a feeling here. We are talking about the real ability to see the past.

The ability to see the present means the ability to see everything that is going on right now. The ability to see the bigger picture, to see how things are progressing, everyone’s dharma’s and karma, and how these forces are interacting with each other. If you want to develop the ability to see the present you need to have a disciplined daily schedule/regime, and have a clear mind.

To see the future means the ability to make accurate predictions of fate. If you want to learn how to see the future, you must purify your consciousness. You must also do all the things required of you to be able to see the past and the present; develop a good memory, have a clear mind, and follow the daily regimen.


Want to Help Heal Others? Great! It’s a powerful and beautiful wish. However, there are a few steps you should take to be able to reach out to others in this way.

  1. Cultivate the ability and the habit of genuinely wishing happiness on everyone you meet.
  2. Learn to be able to visualizePrana Energy In The Body.
  3. Study the associations between the location and nature of weak prana energy and the physical disease in the body.
  4. Be able to channel healing energy through your body, whilst simultaneously spiritually protecting yourself.
  5. Sharpen and cleanse your 5 senses

If you want to develop your 6th sense, your other 5 sense must be very sharp as well. You must purify all your senses and learn how to become more sensitive. This means that you need to stay away from negative substances and stimuli that can “harm” your regular 5 sense. So for example, you should avoid listening to negative things, watching negative things, eating bad foods. You must just stay away from these bad influences. When you start doing that, your begin to purify and cleanse your 5 senses, and with time, they will become sharper.


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In order to develop your intuitive abilities, A Disciplined Lifestyle is absolutely essential; go to bed at your bedtime, don’t sleep in, eat good foods, and follow building exercises like meditation. Why is that? Well firstly, when you become disciplined with yourself you will actually commit to spiritual practice. Things like meditation must be done regularly if you want to notice the difference it can make. If you are disciplined and follow a daily schedule, then you can be sure that the things that you need to do get done.

The second reason why a daily regime it is important for psychic development is that it allows you to gain strength, the strength to be happy, the strength to connect with the universe, and so on. You won’t be able to do these things right off the bat. That’s like going up to a 500 pound weight and doing reps with it. You need to build up your ability in order to do this seemingly impossible tasks. Of course, this analogy only goes so far; psychic strength is developed through a clean mind and through a disciplined lifestyle rather than a discipline of the body. The energy it takes you to wake up 3 hours earlier than usual, will be transferred into energy into your psychic and intuitive development. It will be transferred into the energy for your pursuit of happiness. So following a disciplined lifestyle gives you the psychic strength to develop your abilities.

And finally, following a daily regime allows you to receive the energy and power of the sun and the moon. If you are awake when you are supposed to wake up as per the laws of nature (just before sun rise) and sleep when you need to sleep, you will get the maximum energy of the sun and the moon. The sun and moon have important energetic influences on our body and Lightbody, so by following a daily regime, you can make the most of this free energy!


  1. The article provides a comprehensive overview of developing psychic abilities, equating them to learning a skill that requires dedication and practice. The analogy to becoming a professional piano player is particularly effective in illustrating the natural inclination some may have.

  2. The detailed guidance on finding a spiritual guru is valuable, especially the caution against false teachers. It highlights the importance of discernment in spiritual pursuits.

    • I agree. The mention of teachers making a living but still offering free information is crucial. It helps in identifying genuine mentors.

  3. It’s interesting how the author emphasizes purifying consciousness as a foundational step. This aligns with various philosophical and spiritual traditions that prioritize inner purity for achieving higher states of awareness.

  4. The section on cultivating one’s vision by seeing the past, present, and future is quite detailed. The emphasis on memory development and a disciplined schedule highlights the practical aspects of this journey.

  5. The steps towards developing healing abilities are methodical. The focus on genuine wishes for others’ happiness and understanding prana energy ties well with holistic approaches in various healing traditions.


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