What is an Introverted Intuition?

Introverted Intuition

The introverted intuition is a personality type that is found through the Myers Briggs personality test. There are different personality types that were looked at to come up with this personality. This took extraverted, introverted, sensing, thinking, and feeling and put it together. People were given different questions to figure out their personality.

The introverted intuition trait works with the two personalities of INFJ and INTJ. This means it is a perceiving function that helps people to notice and make sense of patterns that allows a plan to come out of it. Someone with this personality can look at information and piece it together even when it is hard to understand. This can happen by using intuition or a gut feeling.

People that have strong intuition can be seen as people with psychic gifts. This is seen in research because the brain can take information and process it more than some other people can do. When this happens, people are more trusting of their intuition than others and they use it to have more insight.

Insight and intuition go hand in hand and someone that has one probably has the other. They can look at their thoughts and they can take action from them. Intuition is something that people experience on their own. Not everyone chooses to use and follow their intuition while others will do it.

Someone that has strong intuition might not always use it. This means that they would have a personality type that would be an INFJ or an INTJ that means that they are more introverted. Instead of using their feelings, they would believe in things such as religion.

Intuition is there for every person but not everyone uses it or lives by its rules.

Being an Ni Type Personality

This kind of personality type is one that represents a person that looks in the inside world and the world around them. They are people that can find signs and meanings in things that most people would miss. They are able to predict things because they look at what the environment and their internal thoughts are telling them. They believe something is going to happen and it normally does.

A person that has introverted intuition will also be someone that often makes different lifestyle choices. They will probably not be outgoing, and they are someone that people say are in their shell. Even though they aren’t superheroes, they sometimes seem like it. They seem to know what is going to happen to them.

Intuition will play a big role in their daily lives, and they will likely notice things like images and signs. They will be able to take these things and understand their past life and what is going to happen to them now and in the future.

Benefits of Being an Ni Personality Type

There are some benefits of having this type of personality such as:

  • Having strong instincts.
  • Won’t allow others opinions to bother them.
  • Have a strong personality.
  • Make active choices.
  • Can make good things happen.
  • Come up with new ideas.
  • Are open to different thoughts and ideas.
  • Can do things to prevent mistakes.
  • Can predict what is going to happen.
  • They don’t need to always be talking.
  • Only speak when they have something valuable to add.

These are good traits for people to have, especially in a career. A person with this personality will be able to give you interesting information and will help you to have the power that you need to get a job done.

This personality type can help the person to be able to validate what they are feeling and can create great opportunities for the world around them.

Is Ni Personality Real?

Ni personality is a way to describe the traits of someone that have the same kind of personalities. These kinds of labels of course are limiting, and they can change constantly. These kinds of personality types are a way for people to understand the behaviors of others and why people act a certain way.

Putting labels on people can be hurtful and can cause them to feel trapped. The labels won’t help them to get any treatment because it is not a label that is high on the anxiety list. But when a person has this personality trait, they might be anxious and they might have a hard time communicating about it.

Personality types should be mindful that this can change and that they are constantly growing. They are able to look at new information, read books and find out what they can do to experience their life fully.

Being Thoughtful

Different personality types can change and be helpful to people. They can show you how you should or could live your life but people will think for themselves.

Everyone needs to be pushed to do things here and there and if they have doubt because they don’t feel that they fit into society, this can be hard for some. Those that have the same personality traits might be able to see this label as beneficial to them and it could help them to embrace their life more.

Don’t get put in a pattern where you don’t believe that you are good enough. Everyone can make a difference in the world. Learn about who you are and about what your personality is. Then, take time to learn about the personality of others. Don’t get held back in a label.