You Want to be a Psychic? Find Out How!

Want to be a Psychic

When you think of a psychic do you think of someone cladly dressed with a crystal ball in front of them? Many people think of that when they hear the word, but the truth is that a psychic is someone that has a natural gift that they can see into the spiritual world.

There are different kinds of psychics including:

  • Clairvoyants.
  • Tarot card readers.
  • Astrologers.

All of these psychics are able to use different gifts and tools that they have in order to read the energies around you. Do you want to become a psychic or do you feel that you have some kind of psychic gift?  You can develop your own giftings and have stronger intuition and here’s how!


One of the best ways to develop your psychic gift is to meditate. Meditation helps you to have a space that is peaceful and quiet, and it can allow you to see images. You can start slow a few minutes each day but slowly practice and build up until you can do it for a long time. Here is how to meditate:

  • Pick a space that won’t have distractions.
  • Make sure that you don’t have your phone or the television on.
  • Sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes.
  • Focus on y our breathing. Notice the air coming in and out of your body.
  • Let your mind wander and focus on your breathing again. Do this so that you can get used to going back into meditation.
  • After your inner voice gets quiet, focus on the things going on in your mind and see if you see any images. What do you see?

This kind of meditation will get stronger as you learn to practice it and as you learn to allow it to fill you.

Pay Attention to Your Environment

Another way to increase your psychic gifts is to learn to look around at your environment. Find out what kind of energy is around you and read it. Notice any noises, any smells, or any sights that you see. This will help you to learn to read energy.

Do this in every place that you are at. This is also a way that you can practice astral projection.


You can increase your intuition by practicing predicting things. Try to guess when someone is going to call or who is calling without looking. Try to guess what time it is without looking at the clock.

As you develop your gift and learn to trust yourself, you will be able to visualize things. Ask for messages to come to you and then share them with someone that you are working with.


Dreams are one way that you can increase your gifts. You can allow your subconscious mind to dream and as you dream, notice what is going on in your dream. After you wake up, remember your dream by writing it down in detail. You will start to see that you can remember more and more of your dreams as you practice this.

Lucid Dreams

Lucid dreams happen when you are able to control what you are doing and be aware that you are dreaming. Talk yourself into these dreams by telling yourself that you are going to dream and that you are going to be in control of your dreams.

Try out things in your dream and if you can do things that you couldn’t do awake, you are lucid dreaming. You can meditate before bed if you want to make lucid dreaming happen easier for you. There are also some crystals that you can use to help you to have lucid dreams and to open up your third eye.

Tarot and Tools of Divination

You can learn different tools of divination such as tarot card reading, pendulum usage, palm reading and more. Find out how to do them and then start using them to do your own readings. As you do readings for other people, notice when you get it wrong and when you get it right. 

The more you get the readings right the more you will trust yourself. Try different tools and find out which ones that you like.

Final Thoughts

There are different ways that you can open up your psychic gifts. Try some of these things out and see if it helps to make you stronger.


  1. The advice on practicing predictions and keeping a dream journal is compelling. It encourages an active engagement with one’s subconscious mind and intuition, which are crucial for honing psychic skills.

  2. The article provides an insightful overview of different types of psychics and practical ways to develop psychic abilities. The inclusion of meditation techniques is particularly useful for beginners seeking to enhance their intuitive skills.

  3. I appreciate the detailed explanation on how to cultivate psychic gifts through practices like meditation and lucid dreaming. It serves as a comprehensive guide for anyone interested in exploring their intuitive abilities further.

  4. The section on paying attention to one’s environment to read energy and practice astral projection is especially intriguing. It highlights the importance of being mindful and observant in daily life to develop psychic awareness.

  5. Fascinated by the segment on using tools of divination such as tarot cards and pendulums. This offers a practical approach for those who prefer tangible methods to connect with their psychic abilities and gain insights.


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