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3 Common Characteristics of People With Psychic Abilities

People with psychic ability come in various appearances from varied backgrounds, yet they all have some common characteristics.  Remember, we all have psychic ability.  In this article, I’m talking about the traits of people who live their lives fully tuned into and taking advantage of their innate psychic abilities.

Do You recognize these three characteristics and honor yourself for them?


psychic-visionsImagination, like the ability to perceive psychic occurrences, is said to happen on the right part of the brain where creativity sits. Vivid, healthy imagination during waking hours is equal to the quality of visions that a person with psychic intuition can obtain. The ability to imagine things in colour and with fine details allows the gifted to receive better soul-level guidance.

During a psychic reading, the expert uses his mind’s eye to see things about the person being read psychically. This ability can be developed by practicing projection, which is imagining the self into the future in order to identify desires and reactions to circumstances. Once fully developed, imagination can help the person to consult with his higher self more effectively.

download (11)Internal perception

Intuition is the aspect that keeps imaginings in check. Without this inner perception of things, imagination will become simple musings that may be problematic. Often, once the gifted consults himself for answers, his intuition initially takes over prior to the logical mind. And those with cultivated sense of perception can confidently rely on their intuition in guiding them through difficult decisions.

Like all psychic abilities, internal perception can be developed through practice. The person only needs to learn how to trust his inner feelings and carefully distinguish them from musings. He has to be more self-aware and improve his sense of self, aside from the need for him to pay more attention to signals from his surroundings.


2551798b1-197x300People with psychic inclination have a natural feel of the energy around them. These may manifest as thoughts, feelings, and emotions from people in their immediate environment. Perception of this energy can be done through the five senses, but only some of these can initially be acute in an individual.

If one is sensitive, he may become easily affected by strong thoughts or emotions, especially if these come collectively. It may feel like he personally owns these thoughts and emotions, causing him to produce a reaction, such as crying unexpectedly when surrounded by sad people. Sensitivity is also expressed as a keen appreciation for the arts, music, nature, and all things that have emotive quality.

Like other forms of intelligence, psychic ability is difficult to shut off. It will naturally manifest itself if it is there, so people who have it better learn how to use it to their and others’ advantage. In this world of great diversity, having beyond-the-world capability is surely a unique possession.

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