Traits and Characteristics of a Psychic

Traits and Characteristics of a Psychic

Psychics are people that are gifted to be able to see into the spiritual world. They are powerful and they are sometimes even considered legends. Everyone has some kind of psychic gift even though they don’t always know it. You might be able to tell when someone is going to call you, or you might be able to guess what song is coming on the radio next. Even if you don’t know it, these are gifts that could be psychic gifts.

Some people that are great at things like musical proteges are gifted from a very young age. There are some people that can practice music for years and they will never be as gifted as the proteges are. The proteges are able to visualize the music and hear it in their heads and this is often seen as them having ESP or Extra Sensory Perception.

Psychics will often know that they are gifted even from childhood. They can have things such as memories from their past life and some are born with what is called a shimmering veil that is a thin membrane, and this is considered something that is showing their psychic giftings. The veil is called a caul and is taken off by the doctors and these are rare births, but this is often considered a gifted child.

Even folklore talks about the caul, and it says that there are societies that thought that babies born like this were born of witches or that they were going to be vampires. These would be people that would burn. But later, the caul was seen as good luck, and it was called the mark of the king.

  • Wisdom and Truth

Cauls were thought by the Greek and Romans to be something that brings wisdom and truth. The caul was associated with the spirit called fylgja which means manifesting as an animal after you are born. In some societies, people with this kind of birth were believed to be drowning and the cauls saved them.

Some psychics would interpret what the caul would mean, and some would be kept as heirlooms. When the person died, the caul would be burned so that the owner could go to the other side in peace.

  • Underground Water

There are people that believe that someone born with a caul was able to control the movement of water underground. When the weather changed, they would know that there would be plenty of fish that they could find.

  • Sensitivities

Another thing that is often thought is that people born with a caul are sensitive to the spiritual world. They are able to go from the physical to the spiritual world and they have this power because they are psychic. They are often known to be natural healers and to be able to do even distance healings.

  • Babies with Caul

Babies and infants that have caul are considered to be easy babies to raise. They will be able to live a good life for who they are, but they are often misunderstood, and they are sensitive because of their giftings. It is important to know their gifts and to treat them with love and respect. Even if the child isn’t born with a caul, they are equally important and should be treated that way.