Are You an Adult Indigo?

Adult Indigo

Indigo adults and indigo children is a term that isn’t as new as people think and it has been used over the past few years. You will see that there are people that are indigo that are around you in everyday life. These people have certain character traits and personality traits and chances are, someone reading this might be one.

Understanding Indigo Adults

People that identify as indigo are people that know that they have a strong spirituality that has been in their life forever. They are sensitive and have strong intuition but are also wise and often curious. These are people that want to see the world get better and they are people that don’t follow the norms of society.

Indigo is a term that works with the aura colors. It is a shade of blue and works with the sixth and seventh chakra. This is a chakra that is known for wisdom and reaching the spiritual realm.

Who Are Indigo People

Indigo, as mentioned above, is not a new term. It has been around since the 60’s and was part of a period in Western society that looked deeper at spiritual people and what people were all about in their life.  This is an alternative belief, and it is based around reincarnation and around Eastern religions.

Other people consider the Indigo to be part of the crystal send rainbow children and that are considered starseeds. These are people that have had many lives and are old souls. Indigo children and adults might be termed in the healthcare system as people that have problems or disorders such as ADHD or autism.

People in the Western world don’t usually look at spiritual experiences as a situation, but they just approach it as a mental health situation instead. When people look at the personality and characteristics of Indigo children and adults, they might be able to see that this is more religious than mental health.

Characteristics of Indigo’s

There are different characteristics of Indigo children and adults and if you are someone that identifies with these, you might be one:

  • Spirituality

Indigo people have a strong spirituality and are often creative and smart. They feel that they are connected with the spirit world, and they are usually raised where they are accepted no matter what they believe in.

  • Wisdom

Indigo adults have lived for many lives, and they have incarnated to earth many times. Some come from different planets. Since they have been around for so many years, they have a lot of innate wisdom.

  • Intuition

Indigo people have strong intuition, and they are often psychics. They will know when things are right or wrong and they are able to read energies and know when people are honest or lying.

  • Sensitivity

Indigo’s are often sensitive to their emotions, their environment, and energies. They might be sensitive to foods or electrical things and their body might feel stress when eating things like meat, sugars, or additives or when they mess with things that are powered by batteries. Even things like watches might not work right on them.

They Are Different

Indigo children and adults know that they are different than other people. They understand that they aren’t the same and sometimes they like to be alone instead of being around people that don’t understand them.

  • Curious

Indigo people are curious, and they want to know why things are how they are and how things work. They ask a lot of questions, and they have a hard time with structure.

  • Frustration and Anger

It can be hard for Indigo’s to deal with people that do things wrong or want to hurt others. They get frustrated at these situations and they also are frustrated that they can’t stop things from being wrong.

Life Purpose

Indigo people have a life purpose, and they have high self-esteem to live a good life. They are often activists, and they do things to make a difference in the world around them.

  • Creativity

Indigo’s are creative and they like to do things that help them to be more creative such as music or art. They are passionate about what they do and doing things like this boosts their positive energies.

  • Empathy and Compassion

Indigo’s love people and they love humanity. They think all people are equal and they hate when something causes people to have pain. They will express love and compassion to everyone that they meet. They are open hearted and loving and they are most comfortable around animals and people that are like them.

Physical Traits of Indigo Adults

Here are some of the Physical traits of Indigo adults:

  • Eyes: Deep blue or green.
  • Skin: Light colored no matter the ethnicity.
  • Age: They look like they are younger or youthful.
  • Sex: They aren’t bi-sexual but androgynous.
  • Feminine and masculine.

Being an Indigo Adult

Being different in this world can be hard to deal with. People that are Indigo adults have had to learn to fit in despite being different. They are often accepted because of their kindness and compassion. If they can find people that will not label them and will focus on the good things about them, they can fit in well anywhere.

They live their best life when they are able to create things and to see humanity living in good ways.