What Causes Your Intuition to Be Blocked?


Your intuition might have been strong but then out of nowhere it isn’t giving you the guidance that you need. If this happens, chances are that your intuition is blocked. You might not feel that you are in tune with your life, or you might feel that you are living your best life, but something is off.

If you have no more guidance like you used to have, here are some of the reasons that your intuition might be blocked:


Stress is a big reason that people have many problems including their intuition being blocked. We always run into stress at home, at our jobs, at school and even just going out in public. Stress is a normal part of life but when it starts to control how you think and feel, it can cause your intuition to get blocked.

Stress can impact your health in a negative way and when you get stressed, your mind will start taking control because it puts you in survival mode. This can cause you to have feelings that are true, but it can stop your intuition from speaking.

When you are calm and collected, you can have a strong sense of your intuition and what it is telling you. Try to do box breathing and try to stay out of situations that cause you stress. Meditation can also help.


Stimulants like drugs and alcohol can cloud your judgement. These are things that people often do such as going out for a few drinks at the bar after work. This causes your body to focus on other things which can cause a block in your intuition.

These are things that are artificial, and they can take away the real you are causing you to have a blocked mind and headaches. It can be harder to sleep when you do these things, and it will lower your vibrational frequency causing you to miss out on what your intuition wants to tell you.

If you have a hard time avoiding these things, remember that it is harder to tune into your body when you use these stimulants.


Living your best life can help you to be open in all of your psychic gifts. When you are living an unhealthy lifestyle though, it can cause you to miss out on important things such as what your intuition is trying to tell you.

You should eat healthily, and you should work out on a regular basis to keep your mind, body, and soul strong. You should avoid foods that aren’t healthy for you and try to eat things like fruits and vegetables that are healthy and fresh.

You can also spend some time reading, listening to blogs or other things that boost your mindset and that make you feel happier.


When you are overly tired, it can make your mind not as clear. It can cause your inner truth to be blocked and this can make you have a harder time listening to your intuition. Don’t let your body get drained and overworked or you might not be able to tune into the things that you really need to hear.

Your mind will do what it can to get through things every day but if you are not rested properly then you won’t be able to live your best life.


Some people are very distrusting. They have a hard time trusting anything that is in front of them or inside of them. This is one reason that many people miss out on their intuition. Don’t judge yourself or get upset if you aren’t hearing things but try to be more open to what your intuition is trying to show you.

You won’t see things if they aren’t meant for you to see them. You would never be able to see coincidences and synchronicities if they weren’t there for you to see. There are so many people that have no trust in things, and you need to not fall into this. You will see that there is right and wrong and that your intuition is there to guide you, trust it.

Don’t judge yourself so harshly and stop judging others harshly too. You can see good things around you and instead of having distrust, learn to bring trust into your life and tune into what your intuition is saying.

Final Thoughts

Your intuition is a great thing to have. Pay attention to what it is saying to you and how it is guiding you to live your life. Guide yourself and move forward and you will see that your life is a great life.