Are You Intuitive? Find Out Now!


Have you ever wondered if you are a psychic? Do you wonder what kind of gifts that you have? We all have some kind of intuition while some have strong intuition, others don’t even realize that they have this gift.

Characteristics of an Intuitive

There are certain characteristics of people that are strong in their intuition. Here are some of these characteristics:

  • You can understand patterns and signs.
  • You seem to know things for no real reason.
  • Strong sensitivity.
  • Listen to their gut feelings.
  • Trust their intuition.

Since everyone has some kind of intuition, it isn’t something that you can’t make stronger. You have the choice to practice to make this gift stronger.

What is an Intuitive Person?

Someone that is intuitive is someone that feels or knows things without any real logic. They are people that keep their minds and hearts open to what the universe and their bodies are telling them.

Are You an Intuitive Person?

The characteristics listed above can help you to know if you are intuitive. Listen closely as we go deeper into what some of these mean:

  • Understanding Patterns and Signs

You are able to look at signs and patterns and understand what they mean. Pattern means that you can look at something and decipher what it means with logic and with your intuition.

  • Logic Versus Intuition

Logical thinking says that A + B = C. A logical person will see this pattern and an intuitive person will be able to see that even though this is the answer that there are more parts to the problem than just the equation.

  • Patterns

Pattern recognition is something that happens in the brain. When there is a problem that needs to be solved, the brain will use analytical thinking and intuition to recognize patterns.

Here are some of the patterns that people that are intuitive are able to recognize:

  1. Being able to read people: People that are intuitive are able to be discerning when it comes to what people are saying. They can look at the body language and come up with a way to notice the patterns of that person. This causes there to be red flags. When someone has this gift, they can see beyond looks and know who that person is in their spirit.
  2. Picking up energies around them: Intuitive people are able to know what is going on around them without being told.
  3. Creative: Intuitive people are normally really creative. They are able to create things without learning how to do it. They don’t use logic, but they use their own recognition inside of them to get their ideas.
  • Know things Without Reason

You seem to know things without any logic or any real information. You might be someone that dreams a lot and is able to see things into the future. When something comes into your mind, you can be inspired by it without even knowing where the thought came from.

Some people will get messages or will see things in objects that help them to be warned about something or help them to know things about others. When highly intuitive people think of things, they often happen, and this causes there to be a lot of coincidences in their life.

  • Sensitive

You are sensitive and this makes you feel different than other people. You can pick up the feelings and emotions of others without talking to them and you are sensitive to the feelings around you. Sometimes you are even able to feel the energies in the room. Even if this confuses you and you don’t understand it, you know that these energies are there.

Some intuitives are introverts and are people that will attract other intuitives because they can sense that you have this strong gift. A downfall of this is that some highly intuitive people will be prone to additive behaviors because they don’t want to face their feelings.

Following the Gut Feeling

Instead of always listening to logic, you let your gut lead you. You learn to trust yourself and you pick up on things easily.

  • Trusting Intuitive Information

You use your intuition to guide you in relationships and to help you find friends and even partners. You will listen when your intuition leads you to a special place or to do something different.

Most of the time you won’t even need an alarm clock to wake up, but you tell yourself what time to wake up in the morning and you do it. You often ask your spirit guides to guide you and to lead you.

  • Understanding Intuition

Intuition is when you can pick up information and know things without using logic. You just seem to attract information and your brain, and your body will use the patterns that it sees around you to understand and to know.

If you are intuitive, you probably understand that intuition is more than just using the brain and when things happen to you, you might even still find them to be magical.

What Does Intuition Feel Like?

It is hard to explain what intuition feels like but when you have intuition, you might feel a peace when you listen to it. You will feel that the universe is there to guide you and to give you power. Science doesn’t really explain or understand intuition, but science doesn’t have to prove a mystery that you know is real.

Final Thoughts

Do you have intuition? Do you feel like you are gifted with stronger intuition than other people that you know? Intuition is something that you will see, and you will experience. Beyond what your brain knows, your body and your soul will know this intuition too and when you learn to use it, you will be successful in making decisions and choices.


  1. The article’s exploration of the characteristics of intuitive people is both detailed and engaging. The idea that intuition can be enhanced through practice is particularly encouraging. The section on how intuition feels, described as a sense of peace and guidance from the universe, adds a poetic touch to the otherwise analytical discussion.

  2. I found the discussion on gut feelings and trusting intuitive information enlightening. The notion that intuitive people can often wake up without an alarm clock adds a practical aspect to the otherwise abstract concept of intuition. The article does a good job of explaining these concepts in a relatable way.

  3. It’s interesting to read about the disconnect between logic and intuition and how some people seem to ‘know’ things without conventional evidence. The mention of sensitivity and energy perception also adds an important dimension, indicating that intuition can manifest in various forms beyond just mental processes.

  4. The article provides a comprehensive overview of the characteristics and attributes of intuitive individuals. It’s intriguing how the piece highlights the balance between logic and intuition, particularly in pattern recognition. The aspect of intuitive creativity is especially thought-provoking, suggesting that inspiration can stem from an internal recognition rather than learned skills.

  5. The breakdown of what it means to be intuitive and how intuition functions both logically and beyond logic makes for an interesting read. The emphasis on recognizing patterns and the role of sensitivity in intuition provides a comprehensive understanding of the subject. It’s also notable how intuition is linked to creativity and decision-making.


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