What to Do as a Lightworker

What to Do as a Lightworker

Are you someone that wants to make the world a better place and you feel that the earth could definitely be better? Do you feel that you don’t always belong because you have strong values? If you feel these things, chances are that you might be a lightworker.

A lightworker has a purpose to serve others in this world and to make the world a better place. They want people to see that there is good in the world. Sometimes though, being a lightworker is hard because people aren’t sure how to reach their purpose or what their purpose is. They might know their purpose, on the other hand, but not know what to do with it.

What is Your Purpose?

You have a soul purpose to be who you are. You need to understand that your purpose is important and that you can help others just by being who you are. You don’t always have to be giving advice or always having to take action, just be you.

Being kind and loving towards others or doing small things in your day to make sure that people are taken care of is part of who you are. This shows your true self and if you are showing your true self then you are being a lightworker and spreading your kindness to the world.

What Are Your Values?

What values do you have? What makes you who you are? You need to take time to think about your calling and what you love in your life. What makes you feel joy and what kind of values define you?  Do you have any of these?

  • Honesty.
  • Courage.
  • Love.
  • Compassion.
  • Care.
  • Are you a leader?

Even though it is hard to answer questions about who you are sometimes, know that there are answers that you can get by reaching into your higher self. What do you do now that you love to do? Do you want to make your energies stronger? Do you want to love others deeper and listen to what people ask you or tell you?

Some will become healers and will bring their energies into their relationships with others. This will allow them to help those that they know and those that they meet. This helps them to express what they find to be their purpose.

Your calling doesn’t have to be something that is upsetting or frustrating or even a job that brings you nothing but aggravation, but it can be inner work that you do. If you are looking for a job that fits your calling, ask yourself these things:

  • What do I really want?
  • Who am I?
  • How can I be myself more?
  • What is special about me?
  • What do I do for others?

Finding Your Passion

Another way to find your calling is to find out what you are passionate about. Do you love teaching children or guiding people? Do you want to help others grow? Do you love showing people how to develop their skills? 

Find a job that you like and one that feels more like a hobby than a job. This can be what helps you to be your best self and to find what you are meant to do.

What Stops You From Finding Your Calling?

Here are some things that blocks people from finding their calling:

  • You Aren’t Being Yourself

You have to be yourself if you want to find your calling. Accept who you are and don’t suppress what you believe and what you value. You won’t attract others to yourself if you don’t like who you are. Accept yourself and be the real you and you will see that you can attract the right job.

  • You Don’t Know Who You Are

Some people have values that are inside of them, but they don’t know what to do with these values. They need to find out what their purpose is and do what it takes to be who they are and to connect with their higher self.

  • You Are Told to Not Be Yourself

Some people are told not to be themselves but to be or act like someone different. They are made to hide their thoughts and beliefs and they work just to make enough money to pay their bills.

Instead of embracing their gifts, they hide these and compromise who they are so that they can please others instead of themselves.

Final Thoughts

You can find the right calling when you learn to accept who you are and what you want in your life. You can even get your calling to come to you if you learn to express who you are and to keep being knowledgeable. Ask yourself these things:

  • What is stopping me from being who I am?
  • What do I want to be?
  • What is different and interesting about me?
  • What jobs have I enjoyed doing?
  • What do I like to do as a hobby?
  • How can I express myself better?
  • How can I have more values?

You are who you are, and you need to be yourself so that the world can enjoy the person that you are meant to be.


  1. The notion that one’s calling doesn’t necessarily align with conventional job roles is enlightening. The suggestion to find what feels more like a hobby than a job as a potential career path could indeed lead to more satisfaction and happiness. This article provides a comprehensive framework for self-reflection.

  2. The concept of being a lightworker is quite intriguing. It does seem important for individuals to identify their values and passions to truly find fulfillment in their lives. Understanding one’s purpose in the broader context of service to others can be a grounding and motivating force.

  3. This article provides a thought-provoking exploration into personal purpose and identity. The emphasis on being authentic and embracing one’s true self resonates with the common struggle many face in trying to fit societal molds rather than following their genuine inclinations.

  4. I appreciate the holistic approach this article takes towards understanding one’s role and influence in the world. The idea of inner work and self-acceptance as a path to finding one’s calling makes a lot of sense. These steps could be useful for anyone seeking deeper meaning in their daily activities.

  5. The guidance offered here on identifying personal values and passions seems very practical. It’s especially valuable to those who feel lost or disconnected from their life’s purpose. The process of self-discovery highlighted in the article might help many align their work with their core beliefs.


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