Eating Right to Develop Your Gifts

Eating Right to Develop Your Gifts

There is a connection between your diet and developing your psychic gifts. There are some things that you can do to help you to increase your gifting and to be stronger in your psychic powers.

Get Rid of Meat

Some people are super sensitive to meat and when they are trying to develop their spiritual self or their psychic gifts, giving up meat can help. You can try to do a plant-based diet that can help you to be more sensitive to the psychic world.

Meat can lower the vibrations that you have because it takes a lot of your life to digest meat. Eating meat can help you to have more energy to the upper chakras but it can also make the lower chakras less vibrant.

Since your body has to do a lot of work to process meat, it will make you less psychically sensitive. You can see that this kind of food can bring a lot of blood into the digestive system, and this can take the blood away from things that help to build your gifts such as your intuition.

Other people believe that since meat has energy because it was once a living animal, that when it is killed that it gives you that energy. This means when you eat the meat, you might feel pain, or you might feel fear that is associated with how they die.

Eating flesh of another animal can make you not as sensitive to the energy around you. You then in return won’t feel any energy, positive or negative and it can cause your psychic gifts to lessen.

Opening Up the Spirit

When you want to open up your psychic gifts, this might be hard for some people. You want to make sure that you are doing everything you can to boost these gifts. When you are opening yourself up to the spiritual world, you might want to stop eating meat, regardless of if you are developing your gifts or not.

If you are someone that is already strong in your gifts and if you are someone that needs to be more grounded because you are an empath or something else, you might need to have meat. Meat can help you to not be as sensitive to the energies of the dead animal which can cause you to feel bad.

This can bring energy to the lower chakras, and it can stop you from being spacy in your upper chakras. This can help to ground you. It is up to you if you want to use meat to ground yourself or not.


Some people try the vegan or the vegetarian diet and add fish, eggs, and poultry. Some will not eat red meat because it makes them feel bad. If you are someone that has tried different kinds of diets, you might see that different foods make you feel sensitive while others make you feel stronger.

Here are some of the most known diets and how they can affect your psychic gifts:

Regular Diet

This includes what you eat on an every day basis such as junk food, processed carbs, breads, pasta, and other things. This diet might need to be cleaner if you are going to develop your psychic gifts.

Filling your body with processed foods will not help you to connect to your spiritual being. These foods use up more energy and you are no longer sensitive to what the junk makes you feel like.

Switching to a vegetarian diet might help you to be able to develop your gifts stronger. Some people that do this often have dreams and visions and are able to listen more to what their body needs.

Remember, eating meat, as said above, can make you less sensitive to the suffering of animals and even other people. If you are trying to nurture the relationship between you and your spiritual guides or angels, you need to be more sensitive.

Vegan Diet

The vegan diet can help you to connect easier with the spiritual world. This is a plant only based diet and means no poultry, dairy, meat, eggs, or any of that. This can cause you to not be grounded and so if you don’t need to connect with the spiritual world, this might not be the diet for you.

Raw Vegan Diet

This is a diet where you only eat vegetables, nuts, fruit, and seeds. This can help you to be way more sensitive in the spiritual world and help you to develop your psychic gifts faster. It can make you more sensitive to the world around you, but it can also make your body feel spacey.

If you are already open to the spiritual world, then you might need to lessen this kind of diet because it can cause you to be unbalanced. Some will add fish into this diet so that they can reach their spiritual giftings and so that they can be grounded better.

Final Thoughts

It is important that you find the diet that is right for you. You don’t want to be too unbalanced, and you need to make sure that you are doing what you can to be strong in your mind, body, and emotions.

If you want to increase your psychic abilities, make sure that you are both grounded and developing this and that you are doing what is right for your entire being. Only you can decide which diet works for you.


  1. The idea that eliminating meat from one’s diet can enhance psychic abilities is thought-provoking. It would be interesting to see more scientific studies exploring the link between diet and psychic sensitivity, particularly regarding the effects of plant-based diets.

  2. Considering how diet impacts our physical and mental well-being, it’s plausible that it could also affect psychic abilities. However, the connection seems to be quite subjective, and further research is needed to understand the underlying mechanisms.

    • Very true, Doll. While the subjective nature of these experiences is important, a scientific approach could provide more clarity on how specific dietary choices influence psychic development.

  3. This article offers an interesting perspective on diet and its impact on psychic gifts. It makes sense that foods requiring significant digestive effort could influence our energy levels and sensitivities. Nonetheless, individual experiences may vary, and people should experiment to find what works best for them.

    • I agree, Bunny. Personal experiences with dietary changes can vary greatly. It’s crucial to listen to one’s body and observe any changes in sensitivity or energy levels.

  4. The relationship between diet and psychic abilities is an intriguing concept. It’s fascinating to consider how different foods might influence our sensitivity and connection to spiritual energies. However, further empirical research would be beneficial to substantiate these claims.

  5. The notion that diet can influence psychic gifts is both intriguing and complex. This article suggests several theories, but individual results can differ significantly. It’s essential to tailor dietary choices to one’s unique needs and observe any changes in psychic sensitivity.


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