All About Soul Contracts

All About Soul Contracts

Soul contracts are (positive or negative) pacts that we make prior to re-entering Earth in order to grow closer with the Divine and better understand our spirit’s purpose.  Since they are made prior to this lifetime we are seldom consciously aware they exist.  You might begin to identify a soul contract is in play when you encounter a recurring relationship, thought or behavioral pattern.  Key players in soul contracts are noticeable when you experience frequent intense positive or negative interactions with them.  Other hallmarks of a soul contract are compulsions, addictions, maladaptive attachments or recurring limiting beliefs.

Understand Past Life Implications

One type of contract involves a vow that occurred during your past life.  Following a negative or traumatic experience you might reflexively enter into a past life contract that will ripple into future lifetimes.

A common type of past life contract involves blocking your intuition as a perceived way of protecting your psyche.  This might have occurred if one was a healer or mystic in a former life that was punished or persecuted for their talents of understanding the spiritual world.  The trauma of being exiled for one’s gifts could be so intense a person could feel manipulated into seeing them as burdens that must be forsaken.  Therefore, the person would vow to eradicate their intuition and create barriers around their third eye or prevent success at future attempts at mysticism.  This contract was made reflectively and out of fear for being punished again for your talents.  However, in future lifetimes this becomes negative and counterproductive since it impedes your abilities to cultivate your inherent skills.

A second type of past life contract focuses on servitude.  This contract typically arises due to an attempt to ease the pain of a failed relationship where one might not have felt as loved or supported as they expected.  In a servitude contract your spirit seeks to feel useful and loved in future lifetimes.  However, in servitude you will endlessly give without sensing you are receiving an equal exchange of energy.  You might recognize being in a contract of servitude if you are the confidant for all your friends and notice that you prioritize your needs last.  If you feeling like you are more a servant than providing a reciprocal service, then this is a contract that has turned negative and needs to be released.

Below we have compiled an additional list of past life contracts that you might have entered into.  Glance at the list and pay attention to any intuitive reactions you might experience.

  • vow of want
  • vow of obedience
  • vow of self-punishment (including but not limited to: bad jobs, illness, or hurtful relationship)
  • vow of solitude
  • vow of separation from God/Source
  • vow of loyalty to a specific religion (any attempt to explore alternatives might cause you to you to feel guilty or conflicted)
  • vow of celibacy

Past life contracts are typically negativity and prevent us from fully expressing our talents or desires in this lifetime.  They are entered into suddenly and without fully understanding of the ramifications due a person being in extreme distress. As a result, they frequently cause unhealthy behaviors, thoughts, patterns and urge while forcing you to remain stuck in a rut.

Thankfully, in each lifetime you are bequeath the gift of free will by the Divine.  Therefore, any and all contracts are able to be broken.  By ending this negative cycle, you can explore your options and grow into your full potential.

Contracts Made Between Lives

When you create a contract between two lives, you spirit is able to be more intentional about their decision.  Prior to birth your spirit is able to select life lessons to encounter, impactful experiences, and key people with whom to interact.  These contracts are meant to aid in your healing and spiritual journey and will be helpful and purposeful during your next life. Forms of in-between contracts can be center around healing a fractured relationship from a soul from a past life, or discovering a way to find a job that best utilizes your gifts.

Since these contracts are made by you in spirit form rather than a human one, they will still provide you challenges.  The key difference is that these challenges are there to promote our soul’s growth and heal lingering limitations toward enlightenment.  There is a sense of positivity and hope in tackling these challenges since at our core we know we will gain wisdom while during the hard work of healing.  We will also instinctively know that if we fail to resolve this lesson during this lifetime it will only become compounded in our next incarnation.

Contracts made between lifetimes closely align with your life mission and your soul purpose.  Consider how a contract to discover a vocation that best harnesses your unique talents will allow you to discover new opportunities and connections.  This might mean that you are able to discover a new way to express a special skill of yours or reconnect with a soul that you weren’t able to solidify a relationship with in a previous lifetime.

The Takeaway

The Divine wants to you cultivate love, light, positivity and healing.  Any contract that no longer benefits you is able to be broken.  You were not sent to Earth to suffer, but to learn and become closer to the Universal Life Force.  You have the free will to choose happiness and peace.  If you feel a contract is no longer aiding in your soul’s journey you owe it to your spirit to end it so that you are able to move forward on your quest for self-growth and enlightenment.


  1. The article effectively highlights the importance of free will in breaking negative contracts. It’s an empowering perspective that encourages personal growth and self-awareness.

  2. The comprehensive list of past life contracts offers a useful reference for those exploring their own spiritual journeys. It’s a thought-provoking guide for identifying and addressing potential spiritual blockages.

  3. The concept of soul contracts is intriguing, especially how they might influence our behavior and relationships. It makes me ponder the nature of free will and predestination.

  4. The distinction between past life contracts and between-lives contracts is well articulated. It provides a clear framework for understanding different types of spiritual agreements and their purposes.

  5. I find the idea of past life contracts particularly compelling. The notion that past traumas can shape our current life experiences adds an interesting layer to the understanding of personal struggles.


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