Am I a Psychic?


psychic_mediumWhen you get that feeling that you knew this was coming, was it a hunch or proof of the existence of your psychic abilities? Most experts agree that every human being has some psychic ability. Relying on hunches is actually the true human nature. The law of the jungle is the purest logic, but as our societies have evolved, we tell ourselves to go with the flow for the greater social good instead of following our inner voice. As we grow up, these gifts with which we are equipped are often difficult to hear above the noise of everyday life. But that noise is not necessarily what you think it is. If you can follow the steps below, you can get in touch with any latent psychic ability you may still have.


The most important step you need to take in order to hear your inner voice is establishing a quiet, consistent time and place spent away from everything and everyone. You needn’t be an expert in meditation to simply be alone and relax. Clearing your mind may be as easy as taking a twenty-minute nap in the afternoon, but you must be assured that the time and place you choose will be yours alone.

When you have established your sacred space and have kept a schedule of regular alone time there, you can now rely on this time and place to revive any psychic ability that you have.


Most psychic ability comes in the form of hunches. Spirit guide visits, astral projection and clairvoyance are all talents that are honed over years. Many people who have these gifts do not want them and work hard to avoid their presence. The clarity to be in touch with your own psychic ability is actually a discipline, a craft. An artist with some talent must hone their drawing and color skills for years before a masterpiece can be painted. It is the same with your seeing the future – clarity only arrives after years of learning how to make the fog lift.


Psychic Abilities 6The thing that keeps us living is hope. A situation in which you are hopeful is the nicest experience. It is also the one in which any psychic ability you may have will be at its weakest. Once you have hope your mind is already visualizing the way you want an outcome to be. Unlike a mind of clarity, Hope is a loud, catchy tune that slowly convinces your whole psyche on what direction is needed to arrive at the best destination possible. While true psychic ability is the vision of what will happen, Hope is the creation of a reality based on a vision of what you want. It is almost impossible to be psychic about your own situation. For those close to you, the ones for whom you have hopes and dreams, psychic visions will only come in magical short bursts when you least expect it. It is impossible to control your psychic abilities regarding things in which you are personally invested. Hope is a beautiful thing, but consult a psychic with no stake in your future to guide you on your hopeful journey.


Worry is the opposite of Hope. Anything you are fretting about will not ever appear in a psychic insight. Clarity and focus are the first casualties of Worry. Of course, if you are not invested in something, you will not worry about it. You might be worrying about the future of the earth – this is a sign that you are a responsible member of humanity. Do not expect a psychic vision of the future of our planet, though. You might worry about how your sports team is going to do. Do not think your vision of victory is a true psychic experience, as every team has fans with psychic abilities who each envision a championship. Worrying about how your team is going to do is normal. While you can actively play a role in making your child’s life better, fighting the worry through action, you cannot actively do anything about your team’s fate, and thus the worrying leads you to believe that every victory was foreseen.


psychic-toolsWhile a meditative trance could be seen as the most sure-fire method to arrive at a psychic vision, having a deck of tarot cards and some knowledge of the i-ching, astrology and numerology could help you have a psychic experience. Even if you are not an expert in these fields, simply using them as a portal to a vision can assist in bringing about a legitimate psychic vision or experience. Instead of paying attention to specifics, free-associate the things you see with your own feelings on the matter. As you merge your feelings with what lays in front of you, a vision may appear. If you make regular, ritualistic efforts in these investigations, true psychic visions may become more frequent.


Spotting coincidences is almost more important than recognizing psychic patterns. When things turn out to be too good to be true, there is often a fog from any psychic having spotted perfection. Of course, when things turn out to be less than they were advertised, a skeptical person who gave you practical advice and reminded you that there is no such thing as a free lunch – you will not immediately ask this person for a tarot card reading. While the psychic realm is vast and can pull information together from visions of what is to come, the wise advice of a friend or acquaintance is often a good guide. Spotting a coincidence is usually simple. If you had your heart set on something and everything worked out, you got what you wanted. But if you had your heart set on something and suddenly your inner gut instinct said to let it go – that hunch is evidence of psychic phenomena.