Are You a Psychic Empath?

Psychic Empath

Are you someone that goes into a room where there are a lot of people, and it causes your mood to change? Or you are talking to someone that you know, and your feelings get dark and blue? If this happens and you aren’t sure why, chances are that you might be sensitive and be an empath.

An empath is someone that is sensitive to the emotions and feelings of people around them. These are people that are often overly emotional and have suffered for their emotions. Sometimes they don’t even know that their emotions could belong to someone else, and they think that they have always just been moody.

Once these people are aware of what they are feeling and that their feelings aren’t their own, then they can learn to stay strong and safe in their emotions.

How to Empaths Get Emotions and Thoughts?

Do you ever wonder how an empath gets their information? Empaths rely on the gifts that they have inside of them to be able to feel the emotions and the feelings of others. Most empaths are very intuitive, and they are able to see past the natural world.

Empaths are usually born with these kinds of gifts and many of them don’t even know that they are an empath until later in their life.

Emotions and Empathy

Empaths and empathy are not the same. Empathy is having compassion for someone, and an empath is able to feel the emotions of other people. They are people that are sensitive to the energies around them.

The information that empaths get is from the spirit world and not from the physical world and they are able to feel these things based on emotions. Being a psychic empath means that you have senses of things that are living including people, plants and even animals.

Empaths have different gifts that they can use and there are different kinds of psychic empaths.

Claircognizant Empaths

These are empaths that are able to understand when someone isn’t being honest. They are able to know what is going on in different situations. Here is what they can know:

  • When someone is lying.
  • When someone is toxic.
  • What the emotions are someone is feeling.

Telepathic Empaths

Telepathic empaths are people that can read the minds of others. They are able to know and understand what someone else is feeling and thinking.

Psychometric Empaths

These are empaths that are able to hold an object and know where it has been and what energies it has tied to it. They can hold a picture or an item that has emotional values.

Precognitive Empaths

These are empaths that are able to feel things before they ever happen. They have sensations and are able to know what is going to come about. This can be a bad feeling. They are guided by their intuition.

Geomantic Empaths

These are people that are tuned to the stars and the planets. They are able to read the energy that comes from nature such as from rocks, trees, water or even the air around them. They are also able to find things such as water or to know when a natural disaster is coming.

Sometimes animals have this gift of geomatics, and they can know when something is coming about around them.

Medium Empaths

A medium empath is someone that is able to feel what others are feeling but they are also connected to the spiritual world.  They have abilities to feel the spirit energy and they can communicate with different spirits in different planes.

Final Thoughts

Being a psychic empath can be something that is good for the world around them but not always for the empath. They are sensitive to the world around them, and they often suffer because of this.

They have strong talents, but they are not always able to use them because they become tired and overwhelmed. If you feel that you are an empath, you need to make sure that you are grounding yourself and that you aren’t allowing information to overload and overwhelm you constantly.

As you practice your gift, you can see that you are going to be able to help the world around you. Stay protected and make sure that you take time alone to rebalance and recharge yourself so that you can help the world further.


  1. The delineation between empathy and being an empath provides a clear understanding that can help in differentiating between ordinary compassion and an enhanced, perceptive sensitivity to emotions.

  2. The article does a good job of explaining how empaths can benefit from grounding and self-care techniques to avoid being overwhelmed. This is crucial advice for anyone who identifies with these descriptions.

  3. The concept of different kinds of psychic empaths, such as geomantic and telepathic empaths, is fascinating. It seems to offer a nuanced understanding of empathy that goes beyond conventional psychology.

  4. It’s intriguing how empaths are described as having abilities that allow them to connect with both the physical and spiritual worlds. This duality might explain why some people seem particularly attuned to the emotions and energies around them.

  5. Understanding the various types of empaths could be helpful for those who feel overwhelmed by emotions that aren’t their own. Recognizing one’s specific type might provide clarity and improve personal management of these sensitivities.


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