Are You a Psychic?

Are You a Psychic?

Are You a Psychic?Many people are psychic and have psychic gifts, but they have no idea that they do.  They watch movies and television that gives them a messed-up version of what being a psychic is and so they are never able to embrace that they have these gifts.

It is believed that everyone has some type of psychic gifts but that not everyone is able to tune into to it and some have stronger abilities than others.  Your psychic awareness is based on different conditions such as how you grew up and what you know about being psychic.

When you are skeptical, recognizing your gift can be harder and you might even think the psychic world is strange.  Some imagine it to be full of 800 numbers and crystal balls, all surrounded by curtains and smoke.

When you realize that having psychic abilities can be within, this can be hard for some people to understand.

What is a Psychic?

Being a psychic means that you are able to use your senses in different ways.  Some people are really sensitive to others and this is being an empath.   They will share the feelings of people and places around them and be able to share their perception.

When you are psychic, you are able to embrace encounters around you and focus on listening to yourself and what is going on around you.

You Are a Psychic

If you have these different things happening to you, chances are you are a psychic and never even knew it:

Know Without Knowing

If you know something without knowing it or you have an idea something might happen and it does, you might be psychic.  If someone makes plans with you and you know they are going to cancel, you have heard this without actually hearing it.  There are things in your everyday life that you might experience that are part of being psychic and you don’t even realize it.

Do you know when the light is going to change or when there will be a lot of traffic?  How did you know?  Did anyone tell you?

There are times where you will see this on a bigger level such as when you are able to tell someone is lying to you without proof.  You might even know when a big moment is happening like someone is pregnant or someone is about to die.  You don’t know why you know these things; you just do.


When you have a dream and wake up and then you realize later that your dream has come true, this is part of being a psychic.  You are able to see in the future through your dreams and the dreams can also give you a clear picture of your past and our present.

You might even meet your spirit guides during your dreams, and you will know what steps you need to take in your life.  These strangers that you meet might be someone that you meet in the real life, just like déjà vu.

Strong Imagination

If you have strong imaginations or if you are a daydreamer, chances are you are seeing things in your life that have to do with being a psychic.  You might see nature or traffic, or you might always have your mind wandering.  These alternative realities can be part of your past or previous life.


When you meditate, it allows you to empty your mind and focus on the spiritual world.  If you have a hard time focusing on things because your mind is so active, you might be seeing things in the future.  Some people that are psychic have a hard time meditating because their mind will not slow down.  They have something always on their mind and are always thinking of different scenarios.

Know Them

When you meet someone and you can sense their mood before they come close to you, this can mean that you have a psychic gift.  Being able to read someone’s mood is a gift.  You always seem to know when they are angry or upset or when they are happy.  You can feel these things even if it is a stranger.  Sometimes you are uncomfortable because you want to know if someone is okay, but you are afraid to ask.


If you have anything above that happens to you, chances are you are a psychic and you just don’t know it.  This is exciting because being a psychic is meant to help you survive and thrive in your life.  It is a way that you can use your gifts to help others and to teach them to love themselves and to become one with the universe.