Are You a Tool Reader?

Psychic Tools

Being a reader is something that can come in many forms. Reading tea leaves, tarot cards and more has been around for years and years. Even in different cultures, there were kings and queens that would ask to be guided and led by fortune tellers.

There are some people that only work with one tool such as tarot cards and other readers that work with different tools. There are many people that would love to be able to read into the future or even have their own fortune told and they will often go to a psychic to get a fun reading.

Different Readers

You can pick different readers and they will have similar traits but there are no two readers that are exactly the same. There are different kinds of cards, tools and more and not everyone interprets them the same way.


When you purchase a tarot deck, you need to make sure that you have a deck that works with your energies. The cards all have an original meaning and if you have your own energy on the cards then you will understand the cards more and how they work. The energy that you have and the energy of the one getting the reading can affect the cards and how they are read. When there is more energy on the cards, the cards can be more logical.


It can be exciting to get a reading or to see someone get one. The best part is when a person has never been to a reader before, and they get a reading and are shocked at the news that they get. If you are new and you are getting a reading, make sure that you are relaxed and have an open mind.

No reading is going to be the same even if you go to the same reader. Some suggest though waiting for at least three months before getting another reading. Readers have different ways of doing their readings and some will get shocked at the results that they pull even if they have been doing it for a long time.

Crystal Ball Readings

One of the most common fortune telling tools is the crystal ball. This has been seen on television and movies and is a concept of looking into a ball and meditating or channeling. The channeling happens when the ball becomes cloudy and hard to see and images come. Some psychics have never seen this really done, only on the movies.

Tea Leaf Readings

Chinese art uses tea leaf readings, and this has been a tool of divination that has been around since ancient times. This can help people to be able to understand questions that they have, and the benefit is when the energies are strong.

Reading tea leaves can happen if you are someone that drinks China tea and you turn the cup upside down on a dish and move it in a circular motion. Then when you pick up the cup there should be some kind of sign from the leaves on the area you turned it up on. You can try this on your own even.


There are many different cultures and each of them have their own tools of divination that they use. These are for fun, for readings and more. Some of them include:

  • Bone readings.
  • Readings with a psychic.
  • Angel card readings.
  • Oracle readings.
  • Palm readings.
  • Tea leaf readings.
  • Numerology readings.
  • Astrology readings.
  • Dream interpretation.

It depends on who you are and what you are looking for as to what kind of reading that you would benefit most from. A reader will give you the truth of what their tools says and if you don’t want to have the truth then it is best not to go to a psychic for a reading.


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