Are You Clairsentient? What This Means?

Are You Clairsentient

If you are an empath or you are someone that is overly sensitive, chances are that someone has called you a clairsentient through your life. Maybe you worry about how strong your emotions are, but the truth is, if you are a clairsentient, you are gifted for a reason.

What Does it Mean to Be Clairsentient?

The word “clairsentience” is a French word that means “clear feelings.” This is a spiritual concept that explains someone that is psychic and someone that is able to feel the emotions and the feelings of others.  The clair gifts cover the five senses that we have in the physical but in a spiritual level.

Do I Just Have Feelings?

You might wonder if you are someone that just has feelings or if you are a clairsentient. This is something that can be hard to explain sometimes but if you have feelings and you are constantly picking up the emotions of others, chances are that you are an empath. An empath is someone that is clairsentient and is able to use their intuition to understand people more.

Someone that is a claircognizant is able to know things in the spirit while a clairvoyant can see things in the spirit. Just like a clairsentient who feels things in the spirit, all of these gifts are part of the psychic world.

Being an Empath

Someone that is an empath is someone that is very sensitive and that is able to feel the emotions of people around them. They can pick up emotions of both people and animals and this can happen by just walking into a room. If someone is angry a lot or overly emotional, an empath might have a hard time being in the same room with them.

Since empaths are very sensitive, it causes them to have extreme emotions of their own because they are experience the feelings of others strongly. These people are very kind hearted and love to listen to your problems and they will try to make you feel better.

Signs of Being a Clairsentient

If you want to know if you are a clairsentient, there are some signs that you can look for. Even though being sensitive is a sign, this isn’t the only sign that you will see. Here are some other signs that clairsentients often have:

  • Extreme sensitivity in crowds.
  • Say things like, “I feel….”
  • Need to have quiet time to get your energy back.
  • Get anxious when you hold items that are old or antiques.
  • You listen to your intuition.
  • You listen well and you are able to feel what others feel.
  • You know when a spirit is around because you get goosebumps.
  • You are very sensitive.
  • People say you’re too emotional.
  • You know the truth without being told it.
  • Bad energy can make you feel sick.

Are Clairsentients Real?

You have to decide if you believe in someone having a clair gift or not. This is up to you. People can often sense things, and this isn’t just a magical thing but it can also be part of how your brain processes things. It depends on who you talk to and what you believe to know if you believe clairsentients are real or not.

Developing Your Gifts

When you believe that you have the gift of being a clairsentient, there are things you can do to improve this gift. The first thing is to make sure you are listening to your inner voice. Listen to your intuition and let it guide you. Trust in yourself and be open to what you are feeling. You can learn to develop your intuition as you learn to listen to it over time.

Final Words

Being a clairsentient doesn’t mean that you are weak, it just means that you have compassion for others. You should never feel bad about yourself for telling others how you feel. In a world where we are not used to being kind to one another, be kinder and gentler and allow people to feel love.


  1. The signs of being a clairsentient mentioned here are quite detailed. It’s interesting how these traits can be associated with both spiritual and psychological aspects.

  2. The article does a good job of explaining how to develop clairsentient abilities. Trusting in one’s intuition and inner voice seems like practical advice that can benefit anyone, regardless of their belief in psychic gifts.

  3. It’s refreshing to see an article that treats sensitivity and empathy as strengths rather than weaknesses. The advice to be kinder and gentler is a positive takeaway.

  4. The concept of clairsentience as described here is intriguing, but I’m still skeptical about its existence. It’s good to see that the article acknowledges this and leaves room for personal belief.

  5. This article provides a comprehensive understanding of clairsentience and how it relates to being an empath. The distinctions between different clair gifts are well explained, which is helpful for someone trying to identify their own experiences.


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