Becoming a great psychic


Some find that becoming a skilled psychic is a fun and enjoyable journey.

How do you start? You start in the way that Jerry Seinfeld became a great entertainer.  As insane and counterintuitive as this sounds, here’s the truth:

The spark behind Jerry Seinfeld’s success is in his preparation. To be great, he knew that he needed excellent material.  He set himself a schedule of writing and wrote a bit every day. He stuck to it an established a pattern.

So how does this help you become a psychic?  That’s easy, practice.

Do something, anything that helps you develop your natural psychic ability. Do this every day.  Make an appointment with yourself and hold yourself accountable for every day’s practice. Set a physical reminder such as calendar that you can cross off days as you work. Once you get into the habit, you will see that you are moving forward every day. If you believe that you are being called for psychic work, commit yourself to doing something for you development every day.

What can you do:

  • Meditate-Start with just a few minutes and build up to 15. This will raise your energy frequency and help make you more intuitive
  • Give practice readings to friends. Practice makes perfect.
  • Visit an antique store and practice picking up frequencies and memories from the objects
  • Boost your clairvoyant abilities by visualizing a series of numbers
  • Read about psychic development
  • Sit with a pet and try to tune into their energy to read their feelings.
  • Look at old photos to see what you can pick up about the people in them.
  • Take a moment to ask the universe for guidance. When you feel that you are in tune with the universe ask your question. Then write about what you feel and heard.
  • Practice your different known abilities
  • Practice telepathy by setting an intention for a friend or relative to call you. Picture an actual signal going to them.

If you run out of things to do, visit a metaphysical shop or do a few online searches to see what springs to mind.  Whatever you choose to do, practice!


  1. The article’s practical advice on becoming a skilled psychic by building daily habits is quite useful. It reminds me of the importance of consistency in any form of skill acquisition.

    • Yes, the analogy to Jerry Seinfeld’s writing routine is a nice touch. It reinforces the message that dedication and regular effort can lead to significant progress, regardless of the field.

    • Agreed. Consistent practice is key in any discipline, and the suggested exercises seem like a good starting point for anyone looking to explore their psychic abilities.

  2. The comparison of psychic development to Jerry Seinfeld’s disciplined approach to writing is intriguing. It underscores the importance of consistent practice in honing any skill. The suggestions given for daily practice seem practical and varied.

  3. It’s interesting how the article emphasizes the need for routine and accountability in psychic development. The analogy with Jerry Seinfeld’s methodical writing habit illustrates a universal principle that could apply to many areas of personal growth.

  4. The idea of setting up a structured routine for developing psychic abilities is well-presented. The actionable steps provided, such as meditation and practice readings, offer a clear path for those interested in this field.

  5. I appreciate the inclusion of various exercises to enhance different psychic abilities. The approach of daily practice and incremental improvement is a solid strategy for mastering any new skill.


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