Becoming a Real Psychic

Becoming a Real Psychic

If you have ever watched a show or a movie on psychics and it got your interested generated, then you can know that you might have that power inside you to be able to communicate with the other side.  You can use this, and practice and you might even be able to do psychic readings someday.

Psychics can be summarized in two words and these words are cold readings.  This means that they can tell you something that will make you interested in what they are saying and can convince you that they can talk to dead people.


The first step is to find someone that wants to believe that you can tell their future.  You have to help them to understand that you can see things such as images and figures and that you can help them to know what these things mean.

If you can make some good guesses, then you will win them over.

Who You Are Talking To

Next, all you have to do is figure out who you are talking to by reading their body language and figuring out who they are.  You will know a lot about them just by looking at them and watching how they handle themselves.

Use this information to give them more information about themselves.  You have to make good guesses to make them believe.

You can give better guesses if you can understand their body language and listen to how they are talking.  If they are smiling, then they are probably happy and if their arms are crossed then you might see that they do not believe you.  Use all of these signs to make good guesses.

Probability Guesses

This is one that is important.  To get someone to really believe you, you have to make connections between them and what you are saying.  It has to happen in their lives and be statements that are meaningful to them.

You have to be able to fill in the blanks about their family and get it right.  You will be making random guesses, but you need to listen to how they answer so you can make good random guesses.

If you use high probability guesses, then you will not have to be super specific.  If you make general guesses, it can fit just about anyone and your comments will seem that they are more specific than they really are.

When you see someone’s emotions then most of the time you can say something like, “you are usually positive but sometimes you get upset.”  You can also say things like, “you are a kind a person but sometimes you have a hard time trusting.”

These things can make anyone seem psychic.

The Odds

You can manipulate the odds by guessing things that have a high probability such as saying someone is insecure or mentioning a box of photos in a home.  You can mention problems with friends or families, or a death has had them upset.

Use only ones that apply to who you are talking about.  Disease are common when someone has died such as cancer or heart attack.

Put it Together

When you ask questions, you can put it all together and convince anyone that you are a psychic.  You can use these techniques when talking to a group and using simple methods.

This is easy when you do a history check or an internet search and see them on Facebook before you meet them so you will know about their past.

Use all of these techniques and you will find people that believe you.  If this applies to one person then you can record this and then take out all of the times you made a wrong guess and then you will have everyone believing in you.