Being a Lightworker or a Starseed


Do you feel that you don’t belong on the earth? Do you feel that you aren’t in this world? If you have these feelings, chances are that you might be a starseed or you might be a lightworker.

Don’t Follow Titles

The best thing that you can do is to make sure that you aren’t leaning on titles. You might know things about earth angels and starseeds or you may never have heard of them. But they are from different worlds, and they are aware that the world needs to be a better place.

A starseed is different than a lightworker though but sometimes a starseed can still be a lightworker and so it is important not to let labels bind you. As you figure out how you are, you can figure out how you need to grow for the better.

What is a Lightworker?

A lightworker is someone that wants to make the world a better place. They came to earth to let their light shine and to show compassion and love to others. They want the world to have power and they want to get rid of the darkness. They want to stop the ego from being in charge and they want people to change their views and to live better lives.

What is Starseed?

A starseed is a person that comes from different universes. They are there to help to make a purpose and to bring about a life mission. They are there to shine their light and to reach a higher level of thinking. They have different life goals, and they often have hard lives.

Starseeds are people that don’t feel that they fit in, and they are often known as Indigo, Rainbow children and Crystals. They are generations of star-seeds including the Alphas and the Blue Rays.

Traits of Lightworkers and Starseeds

There are some traits that lightworkers and starseeds share. Here are some of them:

  • Not fitting in: These people have a hard time fitting in the world. They aren’t social because they don’t fit into any culture.
  • Eyes: Their eyes are different, and they are open to their soul. They have unusual colors and can make you feel in a trance when you look at them.
  • They want to go home: They feel that the earth isn’t their home and they long to go where they belong.
  • Giving: They are very giving, and they want people to be happy.
  • Having a mission: They have a strong mission to make the world better.
  • Drawn to Holistic Things: They strive to be around holistic things and they want to raise their vibrations. They will meditate and chant to improve their frequencies.
  • Sensitive: They are very sensitive, and they feel the emotions of others. They are often empaths.

Different Traits of a Lightworker and Starseed

Even though the traits of the lightworker and starseed above are similar, they also have different traits. The biggest difference is where their soul comes from.

Lightworkers are found in the 3rd dimension, and they are normally more connected to being on the earth. They can find purpose and comfort here and even though they would like to be somewhere else they can fit in. Lightworkers can pick up the energies around the earth.

Starseeds come from different galaxies, and they have divine light. They will shine their light no matter what and they have a hard time feeling left out and feeling like they are never going to fit in the world around them.