Being a Medium

Being a Medium

What do you have to do to be a medium? There are people that have worked hard to increase their gifting and there is no real way to show someone or tell them how to be a medium. A person that is able to connect with the spirit world is able to commit to being a good medium, but this isn’t enough. There has to be natural abilities behind this.

When you know that you have a mission on this earth, you might realize that you have a job to prove something or that you have a job to share a message.

Quality of a Medium

You might second guess your mediumship and have a hard time not second guessing when a spirit talks to you. You may think this is your own thoughts and beliefs and you might wonder where you came up with what you tell your client.

You have to realize that you have to have the spirit of discernment to be a good medium. This can be said to be the foundation of mediumship.

Discernment is a small and easy thing, and you are able to know the difference between what is true and what is not or what is evil and what is good. Discernment is more than hearing things; it is being able to look at a situation and use your mind to figure out if it is true or not.

Real Truth

When you have discernment, you are able to know the truth in a situation. You are able to let go of things and really see what is going on around you. You might meet a lot of people along the way and when you do, you can practice your discernment on them.

When you have a connection with someone, you will be able to tell who they are and what they are all about. You can use your intuition also to help you with this and you will be able to see the real person when they are talking to you.

Maybe you talk to someone and you realize they aren’t who they say they are, and this is what discernment is.

Filtering and Biases

When you are a medium, the client will think that you have everything to gain and that your job is to please them. The client wants you to talk to their loved one and the spirits want to connect with them.

When you deliver the message though, you have to realize that the message comes through our own filters and you are a human and so sometimes you allow your ego or biases to get in the way. You have to learn to see if you have things that are influencing how you are doing a reading. Do not just say what the client wants to hear.

Learn to Identify the Message

A real medium needs to learn to know the real message and use discernment to tell it to the client. They have to be brave and confident and not guess themselves or feel wrong when they share.

Truth in Mediumship

Mediumship is all about listening and telling the truth. If you are a medium and you want to become better, learn to listen and always tell the truth when talking to a client.