Building A Spiritual Toolbox


   We learned a lot of things along the way during a journey to higher awareness. We often come to rely on tips and tricks that we learned in order to help us on the path we want to take. All these things come together to help us build a “spiritual toolbox.”  and your toolbox can contain anything you like, but here are some tools you might want to include.


Meditation is a great spiritual tool. It helps to calm the mind, relax the body and relieve stress. When you are calm and centered then you can open yourself up to receive divine communication and insights from your higher self. Constant mental chatter prevents you from doing this.

Buddhists often refer to this as the “monkey mind” since it constantly jumps from one thought to another. Meditation can help tame the monkey mind and bring it into balance.

Your toolbox will continue to grow and change as you do, but it will always be there helping you on your spiritual journey.

Many people are turned off by meditation since they have trouble sitting still or dealing with the recurring thoughts. Not to worry; there are many different options available. Try a walking meditation where your focus in on the body’s movement and surroundings.

There is also chanting which keeps your focus on music and chanting words or mantras in order to balance the mind. Practically any activity which requires your utmost mental attention to the exclusion of other thoughts can serve as a meditation. Experiment and see what you come up with.


A spiritual toolbox should also contain some affirmations. These are positive statements that you use in order to retrain your thoughts and habits. They work well with the law of attraction which states that “like attracts like.”

By developing and repeating these phrases you are calling upon the universe to send similar vibrations your way.
When creating affirmations to use, be sure to state them in the positive rather than the negative.

For example if you want to achieve more peace in your life use a phrase like: “I have peace in my life” instead of “I don’t have any upheaval in my life.”

For some reason the universe doesn’t respond well to negations like don’t or not, so you may end up getting the wrong thing! Also keep affirmations in the present tense since the universe works in the eternal now. Future tense affirmations will keep you constantly waiting for what you want.


Although a spiritual toolbox is to help you on the path of “love and light,” unfortunately there are negative and evil influences out there. It is important to protect yourself from these forces and their energy zapping ways.

A good protection tool to use is an “aura bubble.” The aura is an energy field that surrounds your physical body about 12-24 inches away from your skin. Visualizing a protective bubble around yourself can protect you from these negative vibrations.

Amulets or crystals also aid in spiritual and psychic protection. Many faiths wear crosses around their necks as spiritual aids. Catholics often wear medals depicting patron saints for strength and protection (Archangel Michael for example). Crystals like black obsidian an amethyst can also be helpful for this purpose. Do some research and find what works for you.


Last but not least, no spiritual toolbox would be complete without access to spirit guides and teachers. Whether they are heavenly guides or teachers here on earth, they can assist us in our spiritual advancement.

Those heavenly guides can reach us through prayer, meditation and psychic readings. There are even books and classes available on contacting your spirit guides. Try an internet search under “contacting spirit guides.”

There are plenty of earthy teachers both living and dead to learn from too. You can start by looking for books or classes in metaphysics, spirituality, meditation and psychic development. Many local community centers, churches and yoga studios can also lead you to some great spiritual teachers.


The beauty of a spiritual toolbox is that it reminds you of all the tools that are available. Your toolbox will continue to grow and change as you do, but it will always be there helping you on your spiritual journey.


  1. Including spirit guides and teachers in the spiritual toolbox is an excellent idea. It emphasizes the importance of seeking external guidance, whether through prayer, readings, or even books and classes. It reminds us that learning and growth are continuous processes.

  2. The section on protection tools like aura bubbles and crystals is quite practical. It acknowledges the reality of negative influences and provides tangible ways to safeguard oneself. This adds a layer of practicality to the spiritual toolbox.

  3. The concept of a ‘spiritual toolbox’ as described is quite comprehensive. It’s interesting to note how meditation, affirmations, protection tools, and guidance from spirit teachers can collectively assist in one’s spiritual journey. Each tool seems to cater to different aspects of personal growth.

  4. Affirmations and their connection to the law of attraction were well explained. The emphasis on using positive and present-tense statements is crucial, as it ensures the affirmations align better with the desired outcomes.

  5. I appreciate the mention of various meditation practices. The idea that even activities requiring focused mental attention can serve as meditation is quite insightful. It opens up opportunities for those who struggle with traditional seated meditation.


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