People understand the idea of clairvoyance in the psychic world, which is clear seeing and knowing of things, but many people don’t know the term claircognizance.

To understand what claircognizance is, it is important to make sure we all understand clairvoyance.  This word comes from the French word that is “clair,” and means clear and then the word “voyance” which means having a vision.

This means that someone has a vision that is clear, and they can know things about a person, object or even a location when they use their psychic gifts.

There are some people that are very intuitive, and they can use these gifts to see into the future.  There are other clair gifts such as clairsentient which means to feel things, and this can happen when someone feels things from an object or a place and then clairaudient which means to hear things both internally and in the outside world.

A person that is claircognizant is someone that knows things about the future.  Cognizance is knowing or knowledge and a person that has claircognizance is someone that has a psychic gift.


If you are heading home and you have to take a certain highway and then you decide that you will stop at a local restaurant and get a bite to eat before work and then you run into someone you have been trying to find out about for years.

Or if you are driving to the mall and you take a different route instead and then later you find out there was a wreck that you avoided because you went a different way.

These are just a couple of small examples of someone that could be claircognizant.

Signs of Claircognizance

There are many signs that you could be claircognizant and here are a few signs:

  • You can tell when someone is fake.
  • You can tell when someone is real.
  • You can tell when you can trust someone.
  • People come to you when they have a problem.
  • Ideas come into your head that you want to share with people.
  • You interrupt people because you are excited to tell them something.
  • You take time to think about writing songs and other things.
  • You find lost objects easily.
  • Knowing if something is a good idea or not.
  • When someone asks you a question you can already have an answer even if you didn’t know ahead of time.
  • When you try something for the first time you already imagine it in your mind.
  • You use your left brain.
  • You are organized.
  • You are logical
  • You love to read.
  • Learning is something you love.
  • You want knowledge.
  • Decisions are made last minute to keep you out of harm.
  • Going places is something you love to do.
  • You experience things that seem like a coincidence.

Are You Claircognizant?

If you feel that you have information that automatically comes on you from nowhere then you could have claircognizance.

If it feels that you are downloading information everywhere that you go, this is another big sign.

There is a difference between the clairs, and you have to learn to recognize which one you are.  You might have more than one clair gifting and you might just have one.

What Should You Do?

If you are claircognizant, you are given a gift from the universe.  Take this gift and make it stronger.  Pay attention to what your mind and body are telling you and asking you to do.  Pay attention to the little things that you might overlook.  Look for things that you might need to pay attention to.

If you are claircognizant then allow your mind to go into a blank state and see what you see.  If you get an idea out of nowhere, pay attention to it because it could be important.

People with strong senses of claircognizance are often able to understand things that are analytical and that are abstract.

Those people are strong thinkers who are always learning and always getting information.  You might be out of practice but if you use these skills then you can perfect them and use your intuitive gifts for the future.